Echochrome in Home, user levels pass the 2,500 mark

Excerpts from PS3 Attitude: "During their speech at Develop 08, SCEJ revealed that the total number of user levels created for Echochrome have exceeded 2,500."

"In addition, SCEJ showed a Home arcade machine that will allow you to play the game directly inside the forthcoming virtual world."

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SolidLiquidSnake4316d ago

I love this Game! One of the best Puzzle Games I ever played! I love the user created levels, they are even more challenging!

himdeel4316d ago need for me to even bother with the level creator tool with so many levels to download and choose from.

Kassanova074315d ago

Man I gotta start playing this title again its frigging awesome....there just isn't enough hours in a day :(

mindedone4315d ago

There are a lot of levels that someone clearly put a lot of time into to look aesthetically pleasing, but didn't think much about it's playability. I know that you have to do a runthrough before a game can be finished, but some of these levels...In some of them the level is so huge I can't even find the player, let alone the echoes I need to get to.

On another note, if they have this game in Home, does that mean you don't have to pay for it now? Or will it be "coin operated" or pay to play?