Burnout 5 to feature amazingly realistic car crashes

Criterion's Director of Design, Alex Ward, the man responsible for Burnout and Black has outlined the unique selling point (USP) in Burnout 5 which is, unsurprisingly, amazingly realistic car crashes!

Ward tells Newsweek in an interview this week that, "The first crash you see on PlayStation 3 has got to go way beyond everything you've ever seen, beyond anything that we've ever done because every time we put our game out, people say, 'It's the best crashes ever in a game.' We've got to go beyond that now."

While Burnout 5 is in development for both Xbox 360 and PS3, Ward makes no attempt to hide the team's allegiance to PlayStation, noting, "At heart, my guys, the Burnout guys, we're kind of specialists on the Sony system. Because it was always that way on Burnout."

Ward adds, "There's a lot of negativity everywhere now on PlayStation. And it's just 'cause people haven't got it, haven't seen it. People forget the astonishing stuff Sony have done, not just in the business, but the great software they've brought to us, the great hardware they've brought to us."

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Funky Town_TX4324d ago

If this game is done on PS2 then the PS3 and 360 will get a port. I bet they will not do a next gen engine. I hope I'm wrong.

Maldread4324d ago

not everything is bad on PS3. Criterion has allways been excelent playstation developers, and i can`t wait to see Burnout 5 or Black 2 ( with some more varriasion in gameplay perhaps ? ) running on PS3.

zonetrooper54324d ago

This game will look amazing on both consoles, if he likes the Playstation brand so be it. As long as i can get this game in the end which will look amazing and play amazing then i do not care.

DJ4324d ago

So I expect them to do the same with PS3. They're one of the few devs that actually liked PS2's insane hardware layout. The screens look amazing, and hopefully the new Burnout kicks major ass.

TheMART4324d ago

Burnout Revenge on the XBOX looked a lot better then on the PS2.

I bet the new burnout on the 360 will look a lot better then on the PS3 also. Like a lot of cross platform games, like COD3, Rainbow Six and more.

It's just like that, xbox always has a better mix of hardware for games. THe PS is a computer, no games console

DJ4324d ago

I didn't even have to mention the Xbox platform for you to get all defensive. If you read the reviews, Criterion's burnout titles looked superior on the PS2, not Xbox. And yeah, it's because they were talented enough to take advantage of the EE's superior architecture.

And since the Cell's SPE processors include some of the EE instruction sets, it looks like they'll have even more power to work with this time around. =]

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