Progress Report : Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility

Intel owns the rights to the Pentium III CPU variant that resides in the Xbox, and Nvidia owns the rights to the Xbox GPU and the audio chip that encodes Dolby Digital on the fly. Without ownership of these key components, Microsoft had to provide backward compatibility the hard way--software emulation.

To make the situation even more difficult, the Xbox 360 hardware has practically nothing in common with the original Xbox. Microsoft replaced the original Intel CPU with a custom-made triple core IBM Xenon processor, and the Nvidia GPU was replaced with the 48 pipeline ATI Xenos GPU.

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clayton5823d ago

Who cares? If you have XBox games chances are you have a working XBox. Why wastes drive space for updates on last gen games

OutLaw5823d ago

It is always nice to have a back up plan just in case people XBOX system breaks.

USMChardcharger5823d ago

all this article does is remind me of how freakn powerful that first black box!

TheMART5823d ago

Well, maybe because they get noticable visual better with all the extra's that the 360 does graphically to the old gen games?

Scroll over the images of the games at each page beneath. See the difference for example on Ninja Gaiden!

PS360PCROCKS5823d ago

I'm not sure but my 360 has yet to play any last gen game, I love the new ones too much