Gears of War 4 Will Have Splitscreen Gaming

Despite the loss of splitscreen gaming to the Halo franchise, Grab It is reporting that same couch co-op will remain a part of Gears of War's future.

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SlappingOysters2727d ago

Well thank god for that. Halo is dead to me. At least Gears is still worth anticipating.

pedrof932727d ago

Come on, it's a bummer but not the Armageddon.

suckingeggs2727d ago

Split screen gaming is a sorely lacking feature in games..

Everything is so unattached in gaming these days Its sad.. Remember Playing goldeneye with a group of friends.. Powerstone ..resistance on PS3 etc and having a laugh and actually interacting with someone in person is what made me love gaming

Now im looking forward to gears 4 even more and Ive not even played gears 1 yet. .. But that'll all change come next week

Peace_Love_and_FPS2727d ago

It's making a h*** of a comeback though! I remember everyone saying last year "oh split screen is dead", well now they're probably going to add it to Halo because of fans, BO3, battlefront, now this have split screen, black ops even has it on PC! :D sorry, but I game two ways equally as hard; online with friends and local with friends (and a few beers).

Excited as f*** for all this split screen!

Psychotica2727d ago

I remember in Gears 1, one reason online multiplayer games lagged was because somebody came into the room that was using splitscreen. I hope that doesn't happen again...

Zero1092727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

So you're comparing online connectivity from about 10 yrs ago to now? Really. I just feel like you're trolling, then I'd be the idiot for falling for it *sigh*

sammarshall1022727d ago

If 343 needs the resources to make Halo 5 the best it can be then I'm happy with their decision

Zero1092727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

But it's not the best it can be because it doesn't include SS. A feature every other Halo has. I'm all for [email protected] but if I had the choice to make SS play possible at [email protected] (like what Borderlands did) or [email protected], I'd rather have that.

[email protected] is indeed nice and a good standard but should it come at the price of the removal of some of our favorite features and experiences?

I'm still getting Halo 5 but I'm not as excited as I was before knowing me and my brothers/friends/etc won't be playing it together.

Genuine-User2727d ago

Halo is dead to you because it lacks split-screen?

Thank god I'm not as picky as you pal.

Shadow Man2727d ago

I'm still butt hurt about no split-screen in Halo 5 .

guitarded772727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Is splitscreen really that important to you that you wouldn't play a game? I'm seriously asking... if so, could you tell me why? Personally, I haven't used splitscreen since the N64 probably.

Irishguy952727d ago

I have a little brother i've played every single Halo with.

Its important to me.

DonkeyWalrus2726d ago

In Halo, I always found split screen was useful for testing out my Forge maps and custom game types, making sure all the team settings and spawns are working the way I want them to, etc.

Also, and I know I'm in the minority here, but I do have a group of friends who regularly come over to my place and we'll just watch movies, play games, hang out whatever. We used split screen quite a bit in Halo playing custom games together and just having some fun.

They all have their own Xbox Ones and we play together online as well, but being all in one room is just a different kind of fun. Another example, I used to play Destiny with my friends over the internet, but every now and then we'd get together and put 3 TVs and 3 Xbox Ones in the same room and play together it's just a lot more fun I think.

So yeah I know most people probably aren't doing what my friends are doing, but that's just my opinions on split screen and what I use it for.

Irishguy952726d ago

Me too Donkey, not for Halo tho. Fifa and Cod zombies maybe. Halo however I ALWAYS do split screen campaign.

SlappingOysters2726d ago

I live in Australia - the player pool is small and the Net speed is shocking. I have three brothers and we've always played Halo together. I hate the idea of drop in and drop out, there is no true adventure together. It just sounds like some other game - not Halo.

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user99502792727d ago

lol. ok pal.

I'm sure concern trolls will find a reason to complain about the inclusion of split screen in Gears 4 as well. Trolls.... trolls find a way.

I'm fine with no Splitscreen in H5. In fact, perhaps selfishly, I think it's the right way to go. Give them resources to drive quality in areas that are ultimately more important to me. The long and short of it is: I win.

More concerning is that Tom Clancy games appear to be removing all splitscreen, which is a bummer for me. Those games (future soldier, Vegas and blacklist, in particular) have outstanding local co-op. But again, while it's unfortunate, the world keeps spinning and I adapt.

Wait.... I mean... Tom Clancy games are dead to me!


MeliMel2727d ago

Dont get me wrong I enjoyed plenty of c splitscreen co op with friends when I was like 12. Now everyone is online there is no need for every game to have it. People just cry about it cause they want to. Its cool to make a fuss about the littlest shit.

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FallenAngel19842727d ago

Split screen should never die

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triple_c2727d ago

I agree.. I'm 21 and I have friends and chicks that come over that like to game and it's pretty annoying that a lot of these games are lacking splitscreen. For some reason developers think gamers are a bunch of losers that don't have any friends. Some people actually have REAL life friends you know...

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Irishguy952726d ago

Trying to introduce your other half to games is pretty hard these days yes. I've tried minecraft and castle crashers. She asks can we play multiplayer together is some games I like. All I can say is no

triple_c2727d ago


I'd rather have broke friends than no friends.

Just because you don't have friends outside of the internet doesn't mean other people don't.

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