European PSN Content: 31st July 2008

PS3 Games:
PixelJunk Eden - £4.99

PixelJunk Eden Demo - free
echochrome micro Demo - free

Prince of Persia E3 Gameplay Trailer - free
The Last Guy Trailer - free
Movement - free

Bionic Command Rearmed Wallpapers

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Zee34328d ago

Good job SCEE got PixelJunk Eden out this week, or there really wouldn't be much on the store at all this update.

LeShin4328d ago

Good old SCEE <sarcasm>

I will by Pixel Junk Eden though as it's strangely very good, but no PS1 games? Come on SCEE!

Dream Machine4328d ago

Wow we didn't get it late for once. Yay!

wolfehound224328d ago

very cool Good job to SCEE for getting a game out at the same time. Now I can not wait till the US store is updated so I can get it also.

SolidLiquidSnake4328d ago

To be honest, I would expect more, but Pixeljunk was the saviour of this update! Very good indeed!

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The story is too old to be commented.