Ninja Theory talks up new multiplatform title


"Heavenly Sword dev will 'break cut scene conventions' and promises 'much bigger appreciation of gameplay and story'.

Heavenly Sword developer Ninja Theory has promised to "break cut scene conventions" in its next, ultra secret multi platform project."

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mistertwoturbo3823d ago

Oh well, best of luck to them. Hopefully this new game being multiplatform will get better results for them.

Jerkapotamus3823d ago

Heavenly Sword really raised the bar for cutscenes when it came out. They're going to really have to do something extra now that MGS4 raised the bar even higher.

mistertwoturbo3823d ago

Yeah but the difference is that MGS4 did it with actual in-game cutscenes and not .mpeg4 wizadry.

Ureval3823d ago

Its too bad those cutscenes lasted too long and werent very interesting.

Legend3823d ago

Nah. I'll take more gameplay please.

Darrius Cole3823d ago

Heavenly Sword should have used the game engine for the cut scenes. The in game graphics were more adequate to to produce beautiful cut scenes, in fact, I don't thing the cutscens that they used were any better looking than the in game graphics. However, doing it the way they did it create 3-4 second loading times at the oddest places.

Heavenly Sword needed about another six months to polish things like loading times, and the fight mechanic/movelist.

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Germania3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

I hope SCE, who attains the IP of Heavenly Sword, produces a sequel.
The series has potential.

Voozi3823d ago

Well if Ninja Theory won't do it, the guys over at Santa Monica I think would fit the dev job perfectly once they're done w/ GoW III

The way HS ended...there has to be a sequel lol

Wolverick3823d ago

I would love for Santa Monica to take over this IP and create a HS2. The game would definitely be something special.

juuken3823d ago

Whatever they decide to do, I'm sure it'll be good.

ceedubya93823d ago

Very short, but it was a good game. I think the next game will fair a lot better. They obviously know what they are doing, they just need to push more and give us more game. Heavenly sword needs to drop down to 29.99 and be part of the greatest hits lineup.

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