Mercenaries 2: No cooperative play between PAL and NTSC but also between different language versions

Electronic Arts is forcing new level of cooperative play. After Army of Two Mercenaries 2 also wont support cooperative play between PAL and NTSC but also between different language versions. Polygamia found that:

"Cooperative online play with the PAL game discs 'English, Spanish,
Russian' and 'German, French Italian' is not supported against players with
the PAL game disc 'German, English', cross region play with NTSC is also not

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Fox013825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

EA did it again. lmfao. This can't be true, it's just plain stupid.

Excalibur3825d ago

for now.
Nothing about it looks like a $60.00 game IMO.
If it gets $15.00 - $20.00 range, maybe but there are way too many good games coming out from now to the end of the year to bother with this one.

DA_SHREDDER3825d ago

Do you even know anything about this game? Have you ever played Mercenaries before? Dude, you are such a noob. Also, Im glad I dont have to play with people not from my country. Nothing is more annoying then being in a game with people that dont even speak english.

Alexander Roy3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

Yeah, because not being American/English/Canadian means you don't speak English. I'm German, sollte ich deshalb nur deutsch sprechen können?

BTW, since you don't like to play with people that don't speak English:
It's "than" if you compare somthing, not "then". Just FYI.

supahbad3825d ago

yeah buddy i work at an outlet mall, and i can tell you not all germans speak english

Alexander Roy3825d ago

PAL and NTSC is something you could explain with "different servers", which would make sense, but still suck. But also between PAL versions of the same game? That's plain stupid.

monkey6023825d ago

Army of Two did this aswell didnt they? That sucked I couldnt find anyone to play with.

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