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Sony made a pretty poor showing at E3, folks. There was no new game from Team Ico, no Jak & Daxter 4 and not even a whiff of 24: The Game 2 – what in the hell happened? Does gaming suddenly not matter, any more? Without wanting to pile our dismay onto you, however, Sony at least announced the much-anticipated final chapter in the God Of War trilogy, despite the company's decision to keep details under wraps.

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wAtdaFck4699d ago

This is a derogatation of Sony's E3 conference, and a recap/analysis of the end of GOW2, and the teaser trailer.

shazam4699d ago

It gives us no new information. Its just some guys opinion statement.

Snoozer2824699d ago

Hardly a preview, more analysis of a trailer.

dro4699d ago (Edited 4699d ago )

WTH is this!! was this ment to be a joke or preview !!!

superman4699d ago

Theres nothing to preview now. All i know is im going to kick Zeus' Ass.

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The story is too old to be commented.