Want Kratos in SCIV? Then make him, here's how

A lot of you thought the other day's post for Snake and Raiden in Soulcalibur IV was newsworthy, so we're going to bring you another one of these character creation posts. This time, it's that Greek dude with a temper problem -- Kratos. We know a lot of you got excited over the rumor, and after it got shot down, your excitement died with it.

So, we propose that if you really want the gruff voiced warrior battling it out with the guys and (well-endowed) ladies of Namco's Soulcalibur IV, then make him yourself. We've posted instruction on how to make him (and some more pics, too) after the break.

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jay24316d ago

Nice guy, I'll try this tomorrow.

shadowghost7524316d ago

Is the game any good? I have never played a Soul Caliber game before and i am wanting this one

SIX4316d ago

If you suck at fighting games like me then this game is about a 8 just on graphics and presentation alone, but if you are actually good I can't see how this game should get less than a 9. I actually have more fun playing around with character customization :P That's just me though because I'm a complete noob when it comes to fighting games.

solidt124316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

I have to get this game on PS3 today. but yeah he really doesn't look like Kratos. Just some guy with Kratos tattoos.

Gamekilla4315d ago

or the other guy is sorta dressed up like Altair from assassin's creed?

Tacki4315d ago

If you enjoy fighting games then I'd expect you'd enjoy this one. Be warned though that it IS a bit of a button masher and it's not the most balanced fighter out there either. Some characters really do have an unfair advantage... but it can be a fun game still. I'm more of a Tekken fan myself, but this game is certainly easy on the eyes and it's different enough from other fighters to stand out. I wish they had a few more interesting single player modes... but the multiplayer is the big draw here anyway.

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SolidLiquidSnake4316d ago

Wow, Vader as default and now Kratos as a created character! Really nice! Tomorrow , when I get the game, I will enjoy making combinations in creation mode! Maybe I will discover more celebreties! Ah Ah!

Le-mo4316d ago

He's f****** hideous. Looks nothing like Kratos.

hay4316d ago

From certain points of view, just a little.

superflyguy4315d ago

Man look at his thunder thighs. they're so freakin huge.

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Truplaya4316d ago

im gonna have to get this now, i didnt realise the creation was so deep.

I'd want to make Altair, and one of the pics in this article looks a bit like Altair so its possible.

shadowghost7524316d ago

One of the pictures does show Altair from Assassin's Creed, in the comments on PS3FANBOY it says:

that's cool and all but i want Altair! how do you make him?


87-30-2008 @ 5:58PM

Majed Athab said...
Sure, I can give you the instructions sometime later.

Kami4316d ago

wtf is with the HUGE ass legs?? They are bigger than the damn stomach, its so unsymmetrical. and i thought trey brewer was fuk1ng ridiculous

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The story is too old to be commented.