Infinite Undiscovery images


"I'm sure a lot of people were anxious for this week's update of the official Japanese Infinite Undiscovery web site, and here it is."

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socomnick3827d ago

looking good. Curious to see what kind of combat system it has.

Xi3827d ago

like the combat in SO4, you control the main player and provide commands to your party.


combat system would be turn-based i think....

Hope you can build a nice strong 'roster' of characters and in battle have alot of them fighting at once - like Lost Odyssey's any 5 at once system.

ThaGeNeCySt3827d ago

From what I read in different previews, you can have a lot of different teams fighting enemies all at one time.. you'll see your main team on the screen, and over in the distance, you'll see the different parties fighting different enemies