Home Beta Opens - Namco Homespace, EchoChrome cabinet

The Japanese Home Beta trial application has started, and TheSixthAxis has screens of the Namco Homespace (with playable retro games) and a shot of the Echochrome cabinet within Home, along with details on how to sign up for an application.

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sutton324328d ago

i dont see the home icon :S

sutton324328d ago

oh no wait i found it niiice one hope i get in been waiting for ages to test this out

ice_prophecy4328d ago

I like the sound of these "retro" games ^^.

Ben10544328d ago

cant wait, FREE retro games.
you know Microsoft would probably make you pay a coupe of dollars for each of these games on live

Nineball21124328d ago

Will there be a virtual line of people waiting to play these arcade games?

And if so, will I have to put my virtual quarter on the machine to show that I'm next to play? =P

Relcom4328d ago

Did they just say the Namco space with playable retro games?

That is awesome

SIX4328d ago

I was thinking the same. Home is looking really good at the moment for me.

King_many_layers4328d ago

seems like Home is steaming ahead a bit more now, looks like it will be open by the end of year as they have targeted. ( I believe they said november at one point )

spandexxking4328d ago

i wouldnt hold your breath!

TheExecutive4328d ago

I am pretty sure they will have an open beta by fall.

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The story is too old to be commented.