The 4 Most Important Horror Games - Leading to Until Dawn

"Getting down to the basics of terror and fright with the 4 most important horror video games that brought us to Until Dawn. It should not come as a shock to anyone that masses have flocked like lambs to the slaughter to horror and fright since the dawn of entertainment media. Not only have we warped a celebration of the harvest into a festival of blood and gore, but countless sources have even twisted other, more family friendly occasions into a realm of pain and despair. If you don’t believe me, check out the movie Thankskilling No, seriously, I’ll wait. It may be comedic, but still, come on now. -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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fitfox1616d ago

yes this is the go 2 list

robtion1616d ago

Cannot wait to play Until Dawn. Going to make my wife play it too just for laughs. She's not a gamer but liked Heavy Rain so should be good.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

This game looks really interesting, it still a little hard for me to take it totally serious as an AAA game for some reason. Maybe because I don't like QTE in games or maybe because it started as a PS move.

I'm waiting for some positive reviews to back it up but it looks pretty good and more than just a QTE game, it's got exploration, jump scares, moral choices, relationship stats, different outcomes. It looks like it might be a deep quality game.

I hope reviews don't start dogging it with 50% and 60% ratings, if it gets decently good reviews I'm picking it up. It looks like my kind of thing.

Goldeneye0071616d ago

The picture for Manhunt is from the watered down, far inferior sequel, Manhunt 2. What a dunce.

By the way, I still play the original Manhunt to this day. It's one of my all-time favorites. The Border Control level is definitely the toughest level in the game and possibly one of the most challenging levels in any game that I can think of right now.