No PlayStation Conference at Gamescom Was A Poor Decision on Sony's Part - Opinion

MGL talk about the lack of PlayStation input at GamesCom and how they had more than enough games and content to show off to make a conference that would have rivaled Xbox at the event.

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aceitman1621d ago

Really , articles before gamescom spoke of this and now even after someone still is harping on it. All Sony did was push it to Paris week. All we no its part of songs plan to throw some curve balls at ms. Is this author going to write an article on ms not having a conference at Paris week or tgs. All I no is writing this article is a poor decision itself. It didn't hurt Sony at all the still had 8 large booths compared to ms 2 medium size booths. So Sony's presence at gamescom was huge without the conference.

Septic1621d ago

Well it had very little negative impact on Sony tbh. The Paris show should yield some good announcements and with it being closer to the holiday season, it will have a bigger impact I imagine (assuming the show is good).

MS are the ones at the backfoot not Sony.

ThePope1621d ago

I don't think not having a conference hurt Sony but it did give MS more momentum than they had before Gamescom.

Muerte24941621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Agreed. Sony toughest market in Europe is the UK, which they are leading in. All other markets consists of at least a minimum of 70% market share in favor of Sony. They didn't feel the need to contend with MSFT on media coverage in a market they dominate. They allowed Microsoft to have all the focus at Gamescom so they can capture the media's attention during Paris Game Show. After that they have TGS, which MSFT is skipping. Then PSX is following after that.

@The Pope,
What momentum exactly? They are literally giving Xbox Ones away (Samsung tv deal). They don't have any market share lead in the two market that are crucial to them (US and UK ). All this while your competitor is $50 more expensive than you are. I am not trying to be antagonistic towards your comments but even Phil said that MSFT is no longer worried about catching sony.

Charybdis1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Microsoft made the right choice with the timing of their 2nd press event this yeas so did Sony. Simply because of the big Xbox one releases starting in August with Gears,Sept Forza, October,Halo and in November with Tombraider. Can't see much reasons to detract from these game(s) with another press event.

MrSec841621d ago

Exactly, people would have a point bringing this up had Microsoft slayed it with announcements for new games, but they didn't announce anything new as an exclusive for XB1 at Gamescom, so how exactly did Microsoft gain any new ground with that event?

Sony had more announcements at E3 than MS did at a both their E3 conference and their Gamescom one.
No doubt Sony are going to reveal some new exclusive PS4 games at TGS (that's being held between September 17th and 20th), same goes for Paris Games Week (28th of October to 1st of November) and then of course there's Playstation Experience (December 5th to the 6th).

Microsoft needs to try a lot harder to even come close to Sony at this point, Sony will be doing more at each of the events they have lined up than Microsoft did at both E3 and Gamescom this year.

donthate1621d ago

I think it all depends on the announcement. If you have no announcement and show up with old stuff, then the media will report you as a bad show and get negative publicity especially if your competition is showing some really good stuff.

Xbox definitely showed a lot of good stuff so the ball is in Sony's court for Paris. I hope it is related to Project Morpheus, because it is releasing soon with little to no information so far.

MS has everything to gain, and Sony has everything to loose at this point, because Sony is ahead.

subtenko1621d ago

Yea and Sony still had livestreamed news posted too

AngelicIceDiamond1621d ago

I understand what the arthur is saying. MS had some very positive reception after Gamescom and Sony could of shared that spotlight with MS.

But Wow, Sony just announced 25mill sold, so trust me, they're doing fine. Paris gameshow, TGS, PS experience. They have it in the bag.

But just like Septic said its MS that lagging behind not Sony. MS needed this there's no questioning it.

freshslicepizza1621d ago

it doesn't hurt sony but it definitely could help the xbox. microsoft is slowly starting to learn not to do everything at one show like e3 and also spread out their big games and not have them all bunched in one quarter. sony on the other hand have other shows they will be attending that will get lots of press.

Sevir1621d ago

This article is a bit silly... In no way shape or form did Sony not having a press conference affect their position in the industry, and quite frankly they won't be announcing any more surprises for the holiday season this year. So having a presence at Gamescon when they already said they'd make up for their lack of press in October's Paris Game Week is just stupid...

How is this bad for Sony? Nintendo Skips this event every year, and sometimes even Tokyo game show and they carry on just fine.

MS is totally skipping TGS which Sony will be presenting in... Sony also has PlayStation Experience 2015.

And while MS's showing was strong, it did little else than cement that XBO one has a great 2016 line up for its fans... It didn't boost any potential interest from anyone who doesn't own the system we got new looks at games that were already announced.

Sony wasn't sweating, they still managed to announce 3 New games during gamescon without a major production or fanfare.

Silly opinion.

Why o why1621d ago

waaaaaay too many intelligent comments above.

Long may it continue

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TFJWM1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Are we going to have all these articles that it was a bad idea for MS to skip Paris and TGS...

The funny thing is Sony still had more exclusives announced there

Brotard1621d ago

Yeah it's also a bad idea for Microsoft to miss playstation experience too. This is ludicrous. Sony and Microsoft are going to go bankrupt because no one is going to buy their products because they didn't do hour long conferences! Gaming is dead.

Phar0ahad31621d ago

Yup microsoft got not one new console exclusive announced sony got attack on titan and like 2 other games seriouslly wtf sony wasnt there and they won........

elarcadia1621d ago

@Phar0had3 Sony was at Gamescom, they just didn't have a conference. There were multiple booths set up. Do you even know what Gamescom is? Also, in defense of Microsoft, they did announce Halo Wars 2, and showed a decent amount of gameplay for exclusives people are looking forward to. Both companies had hightlights...why do you have to throw one under the bus just to make the other look good?

3-4-51621d ago

* It's only a poor decision if they don't show off something good in the other games conferences like the Tokyo Gameshow or the Paris one.

If they don't make a good showing there....THEN for sure it was a mistake not going to Gamescom.

Most likely though they wanted to wait a few more weeks to get further along in games so they could show more.

As long as each company makes one good showing aside from E3, then it's all good.

jb2271621d ago

Really look forward to the absolute lack of articles that will read "Microsoft's decision not to show at Paris Games Week was Wrong"....with all of the pieces we've seen calling out Sony I'm sure we won't see a single one calling out MS for not showing up to PGW. Maybe Sony would rather spread the love and help a newer conference make something of itself? At the end of the day Sony's reason was absolutely valid, and if MS would've held off for PGW, they may have had actual on stage gameplay of Quantum Break and possibly had time to fix the frame rate for Scalebound, as well as offering meatier sections of Crackdown. The extra months will afford Sony the opportunity to give their best showing as opposed to pushing out some stop gap underwhelming conference only in order to compete w/ MS. Between TGS, PGW & PSX, we might want to wait until the conference season is over before we declare Sony's decision to skip Gamescom as a bad one.

danny8181621d ago

yall don't know how to spell.

VforVideogames1621d ago

Keep telling your self that.

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_081621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Apperently this person was born yesterday! they said plain as the day is long that they skipped gamescom to focus on paris games 2015 and e3 was too close to gamescom. So stop #!&? up you dunce! besides, it's not like they didn't show up completely, they still had booths there, so cease with the BS and do research before you start posting stuff that's not true.

DigitalRaptor1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Sony had a show floor presence at Gamescom, and has 3 unique and focused events before the end of the year to officially show off new games and IPs, which they will: Tokyo Game Show, Paris Game Week, and their very own PlayStation Experience.

We know this, so the author either thinks (STUPIDLY) that Gamescom reveals from Microsoft puts Sony in danger of being on the losing front for this generation or they are unaware (IGNORANT) that Sony has mindfully paced the rest of their reveals and presentations out over the rest of the year.

So BASICALLY... the author wants Sony to be reactionary to Microsoft straight after an immensely successful E3, just to show confidence even though they are leading this generation and always will... That is the gist of this awful and thoughtless opinion piece.

The author wants Sony to announce The Last of Us 2 before Uncharted 4 or even the Nathan Drake Collection comes out. #nologic

The author wants Sony to announce games before they are ready to be shown and can truly make the impact that the developer and publisher wants to make. #nologic

The author wants Quantic Dream to change its plans to announce its game in August rather than when it should organically happen when it's ready in November at Paris bleedin' Game Week. #nologic

All because Microsoft showed some games at Gamescom.

As soon as the author started mentioning showing footage of already announced games like No Man's Sky which we already know what you do in it, I knew it was a garbage article. IGN dedicated a whole month to covering No Man's Sky with some exclusive interviews and gameplay footage, and you're complaining about Sony only putting Sean on stage for 3 minutes at E3. He doesn't even want to be on the stage as much as he agrees to - you can tell from his past interviews and his body language.

Then the author decides to hit against Until Dawn and connect it to The Order: 1886 for absolutely no solid or logical reasoning, and despite the marketing having being ramped up strongly over the past few days with new trailers, and pre-order promotions, and plenty of positive previews existing for the game. Very strange assessment. Very useless article.

_-EDMIX-_1621d ago

Seriously....I need you writing articles lol! Most of the time, articles are approved yet are chalk full of misinformation, very little research, troll articles etc.

I question...if some of those articles posted where comments....would they not get marked for trolling?

Yet they are approved articles?

Most need to understand that the console race isn't some bloody war lol, its business, Sony has no reason to react to something MS is doing, their job is to make money, not win some publicity war for attention.

MrSec841621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Exactly, I mean Sony already has more exclusives coming out for PS4 this year compared to what Microsoft has for XB1, 4 retail exclusives to 2 and Sony are supposedly behind.

Sony announced 3 brand new IPs at E3 (Horizon, Dreams and RIGS), one of which is an entirely new media creation platform, which will pack in an ever expanding volume of gaming and overall entertainment content, which also uses completely new rendering technology (Dreams).
Sony also brought back 3 games that gamers have been begging for, for years in The Last Guardian (another exclusive new IP for PS4), Shenmue 3 (a console Exclusive) and the Final Fantasy 7: Remake (coming to PS4 before anything else).

All Microsoft only announced one new exclusive for XB1 across either Gamescom or E3 (that was ReCore, a new IP) and Sea of Thieves (another new IP, but it's releasing at the same time on PC and XB1).

Microsoft are not even really trying to catch up, even though they've had 2X the conferences in the last few months, Sony has 3 more lined up for the year, which each will probably have a few new exclusives announced at them.

Microsoft really needs to do more if they want to compete, at this point their offerings are weak, mostly rehashes of games announced announced well over a year ago, whilst the majority of Sony's games yet to come out on PS4 were announced at E3 or during this year.

Automatic791621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

At Mr. Sec please stop spilling nonsense about MS. I get it your a psfanboy but no need to downplay the incredible show MS had.

"All Microsoft only announced one new exclusive for XB1 across either Gamescom or E3 (that was ReCore, a new IP) and Sea of Thieves (another new IP, but it's releasing at the same time on PC and XB1)."

E3 New IP
Sea of Thieves
The Solus Project
Beyond eyes
Elite Dangerous
The Long Dark
Day Z

Gamescom New IP
ARK Survival Evolved
Worms WMD
We happy few
Thimbleweed park

plus much more

Sorry please leave the trolling behind we don't believe you.
a couple more I cant remem

kfk1620d ago


You quoted what the subject was, i.e. "Microsoft only announced one new exclusive for XB1 across either Gamescom or E3," and then completely ignored it. MrSec is correct: literally the only new true exclusive shown for Xbone between both E3 and Gamescom was Recore, a CGI trailer.

Every other game you listed under Recore for "E3 New IP" is on PC, making them multiplats, and Beyond Eyes and Day Z are on PS4 as well.

Under "Gamescom New IP," Scalebound and Quantum Break were already known before E3, meaning they weren't new announcements, and every game below those two is a multiplat.

MrSec841620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

@MichaelLito79: Look at what you listed as XB1 exclusives, ReCore was the only new title announced that is only coming to XB1, although even that game's exclusivity has recently been brought into question, because people linked to it's development have been stating it's coming to PC, which directly effects it's ability to move systems.

KFK is right, besides Scalebound and Quantum Break everything else is available on another platform, that stops it being an exclusive.
A bunch of them are also on PS4, which as history has shown moves more software than XB1 does.

Nothing I said was wrong.
Sony also has TGS next month, Paris Games Week in October/November, then Playstation Experience in December.
It's already been said that GT7 will be out before 2017, that Sony Bend's game is playable, same goes for Team Gravity at Japan and Sucker Punch.
Platinum Games are also making Nier 2 as a PS4 exclusive.
Quantic Dream's game is also playable, that's another PS4 exclusive.

You'll also notice that Sony's announcements were for 1st party developed titles that are PS4 exclusives, pushing it's appeal to an even bigger audience.

If you think PS4 is selling well now, then just imagine how much of a boost games like Horizon, Dreams, The Last Guardian, RIGS, Uncharted 4, Ratchet & Clank, etc are going to give to the platform.

There's a tonne of awesome looking smaller studio games, like Rime, WiLD, Alienation, Shadow of The Beast, The Tomorrow Children, Drawn to Death, all Sony funded and published, which basically makes them A level games.

Everything I said was true, no trolling involved, that's what your post is because you knowingly tried to spin multiplatform games as being XB1 exclusives.
Poor try buddy.

vongruetz1621d ago

And yet The Order was heavily marketed and they pushed hard for that game.

I see it as the person who has the last word wins. Microsoft may have had a good conference but it will be forgotten after Sony announces at TGS, Paris Games Week, and then caps things off with PSX. The way things look right now, all te coverage going into the holidays will be PS4 focused.

Automatic791621d ago


Not necessarily MS will be at DX10 in Canada, Pax in end of August and will also be at Paris Games Week, in Tokyo for Thankgiving week and Probably at VGS.

ConsoleCaesar1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Strange...Playstation was tied with the most booths at Gamescom, with Activision. Xbox trailed behind.

Oh, and China Joy, Paris Game Week, Tokyo Game Show, and when you have Playstation Experience coming in December...sigh...the so called gaming journalists really are kicking the xbox bias into next gear it seems.

VINNIEPAZ1621d ago ShowReplies(3)
VINNIEPAZ1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

And I get marked LOLOL. What did I say wrong? Nothing, just said ConsoleCaesar is a troll. I also told you to look at his past comments. Guess nobody did. Thinkk Imm saying this for no reason? WHat? You ppl are to slow and I need to show proof? Here ya go...

ConsoleCaesar1620d ago

Trolls don't post links with facts and data, which I always do.
You're just upset that your trolling attempt got flagged down.

VINNIEPAZ1620d ago

So when you posted "Gears of who?" in the Uncharted thread, how is that fact? You're just being a fangirl. Are you really that slow?

04STIBluByU1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Gamescom is yesterdays news...please move on...stop living in the past. We get it..that was MS 15 minutes of fame. MS gets a win ONLY when they don't have competition.