Satire: Destiny's Necrochasm gets a...not so

Work Revolt writes: "The journey to get the Necrochasm is a long one, but is the trek worth the time?

Thanks RouletteZoku for the Necrochasm suggestion!"

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rdgneoz31624d ago

Your avatar made me curious as to whether or not you got your stapler back from Lumbergh.

As for the review, "interesting" :P

reallyNow1624d ago

I'm definitely not wondering whether you've seen Trailer Park Boys or not. :-p

Kingdomcome2471624d ago

Lol. You should lose some bubbles for not knowing Bubbles. :P

cell9891624d ago

it was such a let down when I finally did all the requierements to acquire this horrendous gun. Glad theyre buffing it, hopefully it becomes what it was meant to be.

BlackWolf121624d ago

Making a joke about a joke isn't really funny.