So, how do you make the perfect Call of Duty multiplayer map?


"COD is a beautiful mixture of science and art, a game that modestly hides incredibly smart design behind the 'big, brash shooter' badge it wears with pride to make players - old and new - feel included and excited about each iteration. There’s a hell of a lot of effort put in, each year, to making sure that everyone who plays has fun. And that’s not just about making the bangs bigger or the settings more outlandish - it’s about everything, right down to the way the multiplayer maps are made. Especially the way multiplayer arenas are made, actually. A great map can make you feel like a total badass, regardless of rank, loadout, or actual ability. With this idea burning inside my brain, and a license to chat about COD Black Ops 3, I sat down with Treyarch’s Studio Design Director, David Vonderhaar, to discuss the secret behind creating the perfect multiplayer map."

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ChronoJoe1615d ago

'COD is a beautiful mixture of science and art'

I'm not convinced it's either!

TheCommentator1615d ago

Recreate it in Battlefield?