Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Shows A Big Visual Upgrade For Uncharted 1 In This Comparison

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is a trilogy of games consisting of the original Uncharted series that was released on the PlayStation 3. While Uncharted 2 and 3 have managed to endure the test of time, the original Uncharted always looked the worst of the bunch.

Thankfully Bluepoint Games seem to have done a remarkable job, and not only replaced the horrible character models from Uncharted 1, they have also made several changes to the lighting and textures in the game.

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Loktai2771d ago

Great to hear... the first game needed the update the most obviously.

callahan092771d ago

Wow, the upgrade is way bigger than I expected. It looks massively better now! I may have to play it again with the newly improved graphics.

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Sevir2771d ago

It's in the vein of Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, where they went in and reworked the game, added new atmospherics, textures, particle effects, physics systems and double the frame rate and resolution as well as new character models... It's essentially a remake but not a grounds up...

showtimefolks2771d ago


and ND said they were gonna make gameplay improvements. so this is the difinitive version of all 3 games

and any of you who for whatever reason missed these games last gen, buy it and I promise you won't regret it. uncharted 2 alone is worth the asking price. it's a master piece

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Bolts2771d ago

"It looks massively better now!" Lmao. It's the same screens with the exact same textures and models in 1080p and a bit of lighting enhancements. If they remake the game with new models and textures like we deserve then it qualify as massively better. All I'm seeing is a port.

freshslicepizza2771d ago

some people think remasters are a bad idea, looking at this how can anyone still say that?

people go on and on about backwards compatibility or keeping old games and collecting games, why not have the best possible version?

Maxor2771d ago

The most impressive thing about this isn't the graphics but rather the silky smooth 60 FPS performance. It's how the game is meant to be played in a crispy responsive manner that you can't experience on the PS3. I'm buying this for the 60 FPS alone.

Sadly this highlight one of the biggest issue of this generation of consoles. They're only good for playing the last gen games while the current gen games runs at a trashy @ 30 or below FPS.

How long do I have to wait for Bloodborne 60 FPS? Another decade?

Revengeance2771d ago

Lol at the people saying it's the same models and textures in 1080p. It's time for yall to get glasses.

jc122771d ago

meh. It looks better...but lets not get carried away here. Its not a MASSIVE improvement.

donthate2771d ago

Based on everyones comments here, I expected drastic improvement. Instead I got a port with the exact same textures with a 1080p bump (that I wasn't even sure of btw)....

I'm sorry, but Uncharted Collection without multiplayer and a pure 1080p/60fps bump is a lazy port from a first party studio!

bouzebbal2771d ago

didn't they say there will be a demo available?
looks awesome.

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babadivad2771d ago

They both look pretty good IMO. I don't know if that says more about the PS3 or PS4. This was the game that made me decide to pick up a ps3 though.

madworld2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

OK guys let be honest,Uncharted Collection received enhancements in soft shadows and better lighting especially in uncharted 1 but other elements such as textures,physics and characters models didn't get that much improvements & I impressed?? No ,does this remaster worth to buy with full price? first of all I can't name this collection a remaster it doesn't have what need to be remaster.second of all no for people who played before no is not worth it,but in other hand the players who comes from x360 or wii yes without doubt they have to try it..
I well hope this collection get discounted from Sony and the fair price for it is 50$.

Articuno762771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

To report what GribbleGrunger did above:

What are you looking at that you can say there's been no improvements to characters and textures? It's pretty night and day.

Orionsangel2771d ago

One has a larger resolution and slightly sharper. Groundbreaking! lol

Bansai2771d ago

those ps3 screens are bad quality, no way U1 had so many visible pixels, this comparison is a scam.

NinjaNick2771d ago

It looks different on the TV than an internet device, genius..

UNKLE2771d ago

its not scam its call ZOOM...

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bmf73642771d ago

Yeah. The leap between Uncharted 1 and 2 was drastic, but it seems like more resources went into revamping Nate's model, along with lighting and effect improvements.

HumanatPlay2771d ago

This is a no brainer day one buy for fans of the franchise and new comers alike. The amount of work put in = me show the money.

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FoxyGotGame2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Great, can't wait for this collection even without MP....It looks a lot better, especially the close up character models. Just goes to show just how good it looked on PS3 for its time.

I constantly hear the Parrots of YouTube, and the Crowned Idiots of N4G downplaying PS4 Remasters, and from folks who don't even game on PS4. Haters play ya' games and don't be worrying what other people are buying. I'll bet this page will soon be filled with Morons who have no intention of buying the game or even own a PS3, let alone 4 /

traumadisaster2771d ago

Well for another perspective, I will probably break down and by a ps4 once this is released as Uncharted is one of my favorites of all time, and I've replayed it several times.

I bought the ps3 Uncharted combo and it looks like ol Drake will make me buy the ps4. I wanted to hold off since I have such a backlog, but that series is just the perfect summer time action movie game.

After beating tomb raider on 4KPC I'm slightly worried it won't hold up so I will play some old console some games, with jaggies and low resolution to get me used to it. Then play uncharted and it will look amazing.

FoxyGotGame2771d ago

You'll enjoy the PS4. Makes sense to go Multiplatform with all these great experiences coming.

jb2272771d ago

I've never gamed in 4k so I can't comment on the graphical fidelity of that but ultimately the game is still a last gen title so maybe the leap won't be that great? I assume that 4k doesn't change the assets and the textures, just makes the image sharper and the colors better....I'm sure it's very sharp but how different does it make the game actually look?

I personally thought UC3 blew Tomb Raider out of the water in the art department but a lot of my preference comes down to actual art direction & environmental variety. TR was great fun but playing in the same location for the full duration was kinda hohum for me. Shame that RotTR won't be offering a wider experience in that realm as it'll only offer 2 locations. There will have been more globe trotting and interesting art and environment potential in a couple hours of UC2 than there will have been in the whole of the TR series by the time the credits roll on RotTR. One of the big reasons I'm not a huge fan of open world, especially in my Action/Adventure games.

starchild2771d ago

But Tomb Raider on the PC looks amazing at any reasonable resolution. He's just saying it looks even better at 4k. Even at 720p I thought Tomb Raider on PC looked better than any of the Uncharted games. With all the added graphical features of the PC version it was literally on par with "next gen" games. The Definitive Edition on PS4, for example, is similar to the PC version and can compete visually with any other PS4 game I've played.

bradleejones2771d ago

The collection will not live up graphically, but you have Uncharted 4 to look forward to!

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Loktai2771d ago

Yeah, I wouldn't have been mad if it had mp... but I honestly care more about the single player as a way to get hyped up and refresh before uncharted 4.

The collection will be awesome for anyone who didn't play the last 3 as a way to catch up, but I personally did finish all 3 and still can't wait for it.

JMaine5182771d ago

Very nice. I'm currently playing through the PS3 ones to get the Platinum trophies before the collection.