Ep498 - Playstation 4 Firmware Update 3.0 to bring Youtube Broadcasts & Rare Replay Review (GTR)

Gamertag Radio writes: "Resident Evil 2 HD coming out soon, PlayStation 4 Firmware Update 3.0 To Bring YouTube Broadcasts, Steamboy, Phil Spencer on why Xbox One catching up with PS4's sales isn't his priority, Rare Replay review & Fan Mail."

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MSBAUSTX1616d ago

Lol I didnt know that a PS4 firmware update would bring a review of an XB1 exclusive game. That seems wrong.

Funny wording in the title .

1616d ago
wonderfulmonkeyman1616d ago

Is there a reason why this is in the Wii U section, too?
The article description doesn't seem like it would have anything pertaining to it...