Splatoon Testfire event open to players who don't own the game

Dealspwn: Nintendo are going beyond the usual demo by letting Wii U owners play online for a hour a day over the course of a week in their upcoming Testfire Summer Camp event. By downloading the demo client for their Wii U, players will be able to enjoy 4vs4 matches of Turf War and get an extended look at the game which has proved a big hit on the Wii U, even more so as time goes by and more content has been added. Dates and time have been finalised.

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BuzzDuraband1615d ago

For anybody crazy enough not to have played Splatoon yet, now is the time.

Be prepared to make a full purchase after the Testfire ends :)

lemoncake1615d ago

Yep if you got a Wii u this is a must buy, it's crazy if you don't own it.

Metallox1615d ago

Well, I'm not crazy, I just don't have money and didn't have enough time to play the original demos.

But don't worry though, now I have enough of both things.

user99502791615d ago

Splatoon is great and the testfires were a blast.... but I dont know if I care enough to buy it. Maybe @ $30. So many shooters, I'm just focused on my XB1. pointless switching around to other platforms.

wonderfulmonkeyman1615d ago

It's never pointless to own, and switch to, alternate consoles.
I've been doing so since the PS2 and N64 era, and I've never regretted it, because it expanded my options beyond what a single console can offer.
It always does.
No matter how many third party games each has over others, there's always going to be a collection of exclusives worth owning owning an extra console for.
It's the only real way to be a fully rounded gamer.

user99502791615d ago

I have all the newest consoles. Point is that I just dont feel compelled to use them all. I just turn my Xbox on and game on it until I'm done gaming. I have learned the hard way that having multiple platforms is nearly pointless. At least, at this point in the game.

wonderfulmonkeyman1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

If it were pointless then you'd never have bought more than one to begin with.
It's fine to have a mainstay favorite that you play most, but that won't ever make owning more than one, for the sake of even more exclusive games that you can't play anywhere else, a pointless endeavour.

user99502791614d ago

Ok. "Pointless", maybe not. Superfluous, absolutely.

It's not like you can tell me otherwise. That's my experience.

R00bot1614d ago

Splatoon is more worth that amount of money than any other shooters out there at the moment. It has lots of content now and will continue to get more content regularly for free in the future.

iliimaster1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

this game is so addicting can't wait for the next splatfest