What Big Hero 6 Means for Kingdom Hearts III

Big Hero 6 is coming to KH3, but what does that mean when it comes to the state of the game?

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rdgneoz31625d ago

"Lastly, with Big Hero 6 and Tangled worlds announced, it seems even more clear to me that a Frozen world will appear in the game."

Dear god, I hope not. That movie is an abomination loved only by tween girls.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1625d ago

it's pretty obvious it will. It's really recent and incredibly popular. It could be a fun world tho

HxCGamer1625d ago

I watched it with my daughter and I found it enjoyable too. I feel like it's "cool" to hate on frozen nowadays.
Also, why does every girl want to be Elsa when Anna is so clearly the hero of the movie.... It makes zero sense.
That being said Big Hero 6 and wreck it ralph have been my favorite Disney movies in recent memory.

ninsigma1625d ago

Just let me have the game already! I'm going to have to go through every game again, I'm really forgetting a lot. I don't remember the twewy characters being in 3D :O