P.T. Esque Horror Game Allison Road is Heading to Kickstarter, PS4 & Xbox One Stretch Goals Included

OnlySP: If you've been waiting to hear more information about Allison Road, you won't have to wait much longer as the developers behind the game, Lilith LTD, are currently prepping to bring the game to the Kickstarter platform.

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ScorpiusX1653d ago

would love to kick start but unless my plat is part of the first wave makes no sense for me , all I would be doing is providing a game for another plat.

Wingsfan241653d ago

Or working as a group effort to bring it to the platform you want to bring it to? That's why some of these games never make it, if everyone that wanted it on a certain platform pledged support, it'd probably happen just saying. If near the end of the campaign your stretch goal won't be reached, pull out.

ScorpiusX1653d ago

Come on now be honest you know stretch goals never get meet.The pc will be first and eventually consume all their time while others wait in limbo . There are only two thing that I can see waiting around for Stocks and interest from certified deposits, savings .

Wingsfan241653d ago

Lol, stretch goals are met all the time if the project is popular enough, and I can pretty much guarantee you that the popularity of this project due to its similarities with P.T. will get it funded.

All depends on what their goals are set for, that'll be the point to decide whether or not you want to fund.

OhMyGandhi1653d ago

your post is the epitome of selfishness.

dumahim1653d ago

Yeah, how dare he want to play the game on a platform he wants to play for a game he helps to fund.

PlayableGamez1653d ago

Well I think not donating is definitely not going to get this game on your platform of choice.

ScorpiusX1653d ago

While donating has no guaranties either, seeing how my platform is a stretch goal.

deafdani1653d ago

You can cancel your pledge up until the last day of a project's deadline for funding. So, it's just as easy as pledging whatever amount you want, then checking the kickstarter when it still has 2 days left of funding. If it has already reached the stretch goal for your platform, keep the pledge. If it hasn't, cancel it.

Simple as that. You only need not to be forgetful. ;)

ScorpiusX1653d ago

Such a thought never crossed my mind .. thank you

Lon3wolf1653d ago

And if everyone thought the same then there is no way the game will come to console, food for thought :).

DevilOgreFish1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Consoles need debugging, plenty of testing for each platform and of course licensing costs. All of which needs people and money to cover. That's why consoles are usually part of stretch goals.

freshslicepizza1653d ago

why do you care if it goes to more platforms if the game is still going to come to your system? makes no sense at all.

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scark921653d ago

Nice to see another NOPE game. Hope it reaches its goals.

1653d ago
dumahim1653d ago

PT Esque? Might as well be Going Home 2.

gtxgamer21653d ago

Love the vibe of the whole game. I loved PT so i think ill enjoy this as well, cant wait!

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