Actual Sunlight Review: "Why Kill Yourself Today When You Could Masturbate Tomorrow?" | Short Pause

Short Pause: "Ben Boyce's review of Actual Sunlight. It's not a "game" in the traditional sense, but strong writing goes a long way in this dark and mature short visual novel. "

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TheDude791789d ago

I haven't played this yet, but the trailer for this game and the developers upcoming game (The Little Red Lie) are incredibly dark and moody. I don't know if the typical gamer would enjoy these games, but they sound extremely through provoking. I'm interested to see how well these types of games resonate with gamers.

tazmeah1789d ago

I could see this game having a big impact on gamers who may be suffering from depression or other issues that the character may be experiencing. It's pretty cool seeing games trying to reach out and relate to gamers from all walks of life.

Testfire1789d ago

I played this really weird and dark game on Steam called The Static Speaks My Name. Very short, but thought provoking, definitely not for everyone.

piccolo9301788d ago

There is some really stellar writing on display in Actual Sunlight. It's worth checking out for that alone. I'm particularly fond of the transcripts of the main character's therapy sessions and the snappy dialogue. If you can handle the subject matter, give it a whirl. It's a different experience for sure.

Vyprstryke1788d ago

I picked this one up but haven't played it yet. Sounds pretty interesting