Mega Man Legacy Collection for Xbox One, PS4 & PC Won’t Eat too Much Hard Drive Space

With hard drive space being such a commodity with the new-generation of consoles, it’s always a bit of a gamble when it comes to download sizes. Thankfully, then, Mega Man Legacy Collection won’t be taking up much space with its 371MB download stated on the Xbox One Marketplace. While this size is for the Xbox One, expect the same amount of data to be downloaded across all platforms.

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Shinuz1624d ago

Well I would hope so, they're only old nes games..

arbitor3651624d ago

how is it taking up 371MB????
The Roms combined have a file size of 1.2MB

Pookandpie1624d ago

Uncompressed UI imagery and animations rendered in high native resolutions for the menus?

Uncompressed audio during said menus?

There's plenty of reasons why they could or would exceed a few hundred MBs on the menu, especially if they actually go out of their way to make it look nice.

Hoffmann1624d ago

Intro movies /animations, big image files in the art galleries, I am pretty sure those alone take already 150-200 MB

RedTriangle531624d ago

All the games have been remade in a new engine. So it's not old NES code. Think of it like how shovel knight takes up nearly 300 MB. All the music is prerendered in lossless audio format instead of the MIDI the NES shoved through its on board synth, etc. Not surprising.

MoveTheGlow1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

From what I saw in a demo, it's the art gallery that takes up most of the space. There's a lot of high-res digitized older art from each game and from advertisements and such - which is nice, that's the kind of thing I'd want out of a collection of old games that distinguishes it from just roms. They also did something with the soundtrack to get it as authentic as they could, which possibly has something to do with it. There are some different modes, too, but those are mostly just from old assets.

That extra stuff's why I'm pretty excited about it, it should be nice.

DivineAssault 1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

"Legacy collection" with only 6 games? No X series? No thanks.. I have a collection of this game already with extras for gamecube and ps2.. I want a NEW mega man game and since thats not happening, ill be getting mighty no 9

RedTriangle531624d ago

That covers the classic megaman games, thus legacy.

And don't worry, someone will make a new megaman game eventually, when capcom finally hits the bucket and sells all their IP to bail themselves out of bankruptcy. Let's face it, it's gonna happen.

deadpoolio3161624d ago

You should probably stop living in 2007...Capcom has been fine now for awhile...They aren't nor were they ever going bankrupt...Neither is Konami BTW...But I guess living in fantasyland is better than reality....

RedTriangle531623d ago

Except the fact that they are in such deep shit that they have announced that they are switching to a dlc-based market strategy, and that all their new announcements are remakes, including this one.
They are at the point where they are sitting out all their hands, which means that they are going for stability until they get lucky, which isn't going to happen as the market is now. I think they are either going to become a secondary developer helping out with other devs games, or eventually take a huge chance and fail. Either way they are most likely out of the game compared with the remaining big devs.

DivineAssault 1622d ago

what about MM 7-10? That should be in this so called legacy collection

RedTriangle531622d ago

MM7 through 10 were made after the x series had begun and differ greatly from the originals. I'd say they suffer from the same 90's design choices that make x age relatively poorly in comparison with the originality of the classics, and thus aren't on the same page. That's my opinion though.

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Jag-T10001624d ago

I'll download for a $1. That's all i will give you.

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