Shuhei Yoshida: VR is a Tech that 'in a few years, everyone will use'

VRFocus reports on comments from Sony Computer Entertainment's (SCE's) Shuhei Yoshida in which he suggests that 'everyone will use' VR in a few years.

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user99502791626d ago

People keep saying that, and have been for a couple years... but I'm just not seeing it yet. I dont know anybody who uses VR. nobody->everybody seems like a stretch to me.

Unless you have a gaming PC, there is no opportunity here. I have yet to see anything Morpheus related that would prompt me to consider buying one.

Septic1625d ago

Well you have to experience Morpheus first before committing to it.

I think it does have a future and if it gets amazing support from devs then I see no reason why Yoshida is wrong here.

freshslicepizza1625d ago

the problem is in a few years the ps4 will be 5 years old. will project morpheus be adequate in the future or will it be like the playstation camera and kinect that had to be improved as technology got better?

and the support will stem from how well morpheus sells. its a bit of the chicken and egg syndrome. nobody wants to commit when they don't know the real userbase. which is always a problem for peripherals. i really want to try it but we still have no idea on pricing.

MrSwankSinatra1626d ago

Sorry, but you can keep your VR bullcrap.

Volkama1625d ago

1 is enough for most people. How many VR headsets do you suppose you can wear at a time? :)

Rimeskeem1625d ago

One for me, one for my parents, one for my brother, one for my sis and 7 for me. Because why not

BlackPanther1626d ago

That likely isn't true but it could be pretty big if done right and the experience looks good.

Erik73571625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

ITs cool and fun just like motion controls but do you really wanna replace the normal controller?Nope.

That's how I felt about VR compared to my tv or monitor when I used it.

Septic1625d ago

Why would this necessarily replace a normal controller? You can still use it with VR?

Sonital1625d ago

Agreed, if there experiences aren't there then there's no point investing! I'm still concerned about the impact on your eyes though so i'll wait a while to see how things pan out.

joeorc1618d ago

It likely will be true, here is why its now viable technology, where before it was really..really expensive to obtain VR equipment and even those expensive ones designed were not any where near as good as the options we have for VR now.

The fact is Sony is just one company moving into VR, the point yoshida is making many of the tech company's out there see it now as true 1:1 viability to be able to make use of VR not just in games but other means.

Example: google card board is now a means and a way for many to try out VR of today. Its not the best , but its better VR experiences than what VR was 15 years ago.

Its about more on the evolution of VR advancement and Showing the Consumer the changes that has taken place since VR's compute vision.

With many fields in computer science moving to include VR its not a matter of if. Its only now a matter of when.

The VR today is a very large leap from the way VR has been for So many years. It's now at least by many in the tech field and not just Sony , that today Infact see it as now a Very Viable Tech to be now usable across the tech industry, not just for gaming also.

SaveFerris1626d ago

Price and content will be the major factors in determining VR's success. Also, I've yet to experience VR and I have no idea if I'll be able to use it 'motion sickness?' but I really want to try it. I don't think you can explain it to someone, I think the person needs to try it for themselves to see if they like it or not.

Erik73571625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

IT's really fun and neat....but I wouldn't want it as my main gaming platform to play on.
I've used oculus rift, it was really fun and you feel like your there but after hours it gets uncomfortable,inconvenient, and you just miss being aware of your actual surroundings and gives you a headache after awhile.

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The story is too old to be commented.