The Darth Vader PS4 and 8 other rubbish special edition games consoles

Special-edition video game consoles are nothing new. On a cynical level, they are perfect for grabbing the attention and money of die-hard fans, but once in a while they can be wonderful little oddities that sit proudly in a gamer's collection.

At Disney's D23 fan convention on 14-16 August, DICE and EA revealed another to hit shelves in 2015, a Darth Vader-themed PS4 made for the upcoming release of Star Wars: Battlefront. It is not very good, and that got IBTimes UK thinking.

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GNCFLYER1616d ago

Might want to do some research.

The DS4 color scheme is modeled after the computer on Vader chest. Look up the pic, or if you head over to the ps blog you will see it 8n the comments

joab7771616d ago

I've seen so many of these articles already, bashing the edition, and using the 360 star wars edition to show how it's really done. I think the PS4 lends itself to a Vader edition.

Though, I've only ever bought a special edition when mine broke. Thank you RROD and YLOD.

IamTylerDurden11616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

All i've seen is ppl loving this Vader PS4 and DS4.

There are multiple N4G articles of ppl gushing over this bundle.

I think it's awesome.

OB1Biker1616d ago

Yea I even thought this opinion piece was a satyre at first.
It's not very good? Wtf. I don't mind that people say they don't like it but stating that seems ridiculous to me while everyone is drooling specially for the controller

donthate1616d ago

I really liked the Xbox 360 with Star Wars on it. I really really regret not buying it!

I think this PS4 is a little gawdy on the pictures, and the controller looks a little like a cheap toy now. I love the sleek black though!

Also, if you change the faceplate on it, it will look ugly!

I am pre-ordering it if price is fair, but will have to decide as we get closer.

elarcadia1616d ago

I like the concept behind the DS4 color scheme, but I just don't think they pulled it off. It looke nothing like Darth Vaders chestplate to me. The glossy black looks really cheap to me as well, but I understand that that was a nod to the original DV so I can live with that.

IamTylerDurden11616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

I adore the controller and hope they sell it separately.

I notice u didn't mention the terrific looking Star Wars logos on the DS4 touchpad. I love the glossy blk on the DS4 resembling Vader's original attire/helmet.

I love the etched Star Wars logo all over the PS4, i love this bundle and it looks even better in person/other pictures.

elarcadia1616d ago

I hope they sell it separetely too, as I can tell there are a lot of people who adore the controller, but aren't a huge fan of the console. I didn't mention the Star Wars logo because I actually think it takes away from the controller concept they were going for. Why try to make a controller based off of DV's chest plate, but then add "Star Wars" over and over and over again? It just doesn't make sense to me. But as I said above, this is all just how I feel. I hope you're able to snag one!

donthate1616d ago

"The glossy black looks really cheap to me as well, but I understand that that was a nod to the original DV so I can live with that."

That is how I felt too and the design itself looks very lazy and cheap. Let's just slap Darth Vader image on the console.

What about having Darth Vader pose with his saber that lights up red?!!!

spoonard1616d ago

Thus "article" is the perfect example of why a Nintendo fanboy shoukd never be allowed to write about video games. Or any fanboy for that matter.

nugget271616d ago

Nintendo fanboy? The article includes two Game Boys, a GBA and an N64. At the very least take a look at the article before moaning about it

SaveFerris1616d ago

The Mountain Dew Xbox is hideous, but appropriate I suppose.

Masterofwiiu3ds1616d ago

If this Darth Vader PS4 isn't awesome, I guess I don't know what awesome is. I plan on buying it the minute I can find it for sale (in the Battlefront bundle).

zsquaresoff1616d ago

The butthurt is strong in this article.

HammerKong1616d ago

Dude the console looks great for sure but i dont like the look of ds4 , those combination of red and white looks lame and cheap due to which i think this article is doing justice to the bundle, just look at halo 5 bundle or forza bundle they looks lot coller than this one!

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