Until Dawn: New Trailer Lets You Take Control

Posted by Ken Chan on Aug 17, 2015 // Product Manager, SCEA:

I’m sure you’ve heard by now, but the choices you make in Until Dawn carry extreme and sometimes deadly consequences. You, the player, take on the role of eight teenagers and make snap decisions that will determine who survives.

As fans of the survival horror genre, we worked with MoFilm on a short series of live action films to illustrate the gravity of the decisions you’ll be forced to make in the game. In each of these films, equal attention was focused on the exact moment the characters are faced with a tough decision, as is on the potential outcomes they must weigh. For better or worse, every action has a different consequence. The two films will explore scenarios inspired by Until Dawn.

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AudioEppa1625d ago

The game has been pre ordered days ago, can't wait!

greenmiker1625d ago

It looks really interesting that game!

Repjaws1625d ago

The trailer was good,but I wish it had more options like the Mad Max trailer.I know the options in the Mad Max trailer weren't really that meaningful,but I would've loved more options.

Repjaws1625d ago

The game is an interactive story where you can make decisions and change the entire story,they demonstrated that in this trailer.I'm not saying that the trailer was bad I just wish they put more options so people that don't know what the game is get an idea and see how your choices change the story.

DragonDDark1625d ago

Oh sorry, i didn't get what you meant lol
They will release a launch trailer.

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