How Black Ops 3 Competitive Scene Will Change With Protect/Ban and Specialist Draft

SegmentNext - Treyarch has always been on the frontfoot when it comes competitive scene in Call of Duty games. With the introduction of League Play in Call of Duty: Black Ops II and game modes such as Hardpoint, the studio changed the way competitive Call of Duty works.

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Chaosdreams1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

Dedicated servers (or whatever is needed for beautiful connection) or no buy.

And no, it's not on my end for those of you who want to start a fight.

BlackPanther1782d ago

It's some weird hybrid system. It has dedicated servers on PC though.

Chaosdreams1782d ago

They always have some odd system but the problems generally persist in some manner, started around/after mw2. Cod4 and WAW were perfect in comparison connection wise.

And that's good news for PC, but the same should be applied to Consoles in my opinion.

Oh well!