Lazygamer Gears of War: Ultimate Edition hands on – smooth, shiny shooting

Though cover shooting wasn’t revolutionary by any means at the time, when Gears of War launched back in 2006, it proved just how fantastic and tight such a game mechanic could be. Gone was the traditional run and gun shooter, replaced instead with strategic, thoughtful gunplay requiring a degree of planning and foresight. The very same game that kicked off the successful franchise is getting a complete remake by means of an ultimate edition. Lazygamer got some hands on time with it at Gamescom, and man, does it look fantastic!

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Darranged1616d ago

A real game, for real men about a real war with real guns!

Rookie_Monster1616d ago

"Ultimate Edition will come with dedicated servers, as well as LAN support. There will be 19 remastered maps to choose from. There are also new multiplayer modes including Team Death Match, King of the Kill, and a 2v2 mode." mp mode and dedicated servers!! Music to my ear. Day one!

iistuii1616d ago

I'm all ready pre downloaded, my all time favorite game but I've gotta confess I'm dissapointed there's no Horde mode. I have done many many hours on Gears 3 Horde & I'm just as pumped that I'm able to replay that on BC as the new remastered game as I've got rid of my 360.

GearSkiN1616d ago

You gotta understand even the first gears didn't have horde mode, plus they have packed enough to make your money worth.

iistuii1616d ago

@ Gearskin I know that, but it also didn't have all the extra MP modes they added, just would have been nice to add it. I hope it'll return in Gears 4.

TheHaloGuy1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

MCC sorely NEEDS lan support. Anyone disagreeing with me> I don't want to hear 343/Micro fanboys... I just want MCC to be the best it can be.

On topic, can't wait to play Gears 1 with friends without that shotty lag. :D

1616d ago
spicelicka1616d ago

I can't believe I'm this excited to play a remaster. But you have to give it to them, it looks completely redone and smooth as hell!

And multiplayer isn't just the same thing tacked on, new game modes, 60fps, improved hit detection, dedicated servers, the amount of work they put in is well worth the price if you factor in the 3 games they're throwing in.

GrimDragon1616d ago

Am I the only one that thinks only the first two gears were good and the third completely dropped the ball?

GearSkiN1616d ago

I think 3rd campaign kinda did, I don't even remember finishing the bonus mission after the campaign...

Mikelarry1616d ago

i am with you on that, although i completed it just for the sake of finishing the story.

passed on judgement though it just got too much

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