Sony: Project Morpheus Is 'Ready To Go' But 'Waiting' For Experiences

VRFocus reports on Dennis Castleman, hardware R&D engineer at Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) saying the Project Morpheus hardware is ready to go.

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IamTylerDurden11623d ago

The hardware has been done since b4 e3, it's smart to wait until you have a formidable launch lineup. Morpheus will have a superb lineup, this isn't move or kinect.

JMaine5181623d ago

I can't wait. Games like Rigs and London Heist look like my kind of experiences. The classroom and other horror vr games are going to be some much fun to play and stream.

Septic1623d ago

Yeah man soo much potential here.

I'm glad the hardware is ready and this is the perfect move; back up and support the hardware with proper titles.

Sony have a habit of releasing hardware and then basically abandoning it with crap support for it later. See the eye toy and move controller. Now though, in a funny twist, those exact same peripherals could be really useful and integral to the experience with Morpheus.

This will be our best chance at getting VR done properly and Sony have a massive part in ensuring the tech succeeds. I really pray they get it right because if done well, that is the true future of gaming and gaming immersion.

Do it properly Sony. No half measures.

inveni01623d ago

I really had been wishing that we'd get Silent Hills with Morpheus. I've never peed myself while playing a game before. But if No Man's Sky is compatible, I'll be psyched.

johndoe112111623d ago

I'm actually believing now that No Man's Sky is being delayed for morpheus.

bunt-custardly1623d ago

Please state your reasons for this. I and probably many other eager fans would like to know why.

Is there any sort of credible evidence?

It would be great if true.

user99502791623d ago

Evidence? Strikes me as reasonable speculation. If Morpheus launched with NMS and EVE: Valkyrie I'd be more inclined to get one.

SteamPowered1623d ago

Back in July "the studio founder Sean Murray noted he didnt know what he was 'allowed to say' in terms of possible VR support in recent interview with Edge."
- VRFocus

Ive read other articles in April regarding using VR for NMS, but this was the most recent clipping.

I think its going to happen. This game was MADE for Morpheus/Rift/Vive.

Death1623d ago

Perhaps Morpheus could be used for parts of the game, but Sony has already come out and said they aren't making any games that are only used with Morpheus. They said Morpheus will be used as a supplemental device for conventional games first with full games to come later. At E3 they were also talking about finding ways to integrate Morpheus with their TV and movie properties to add additional experiences for the device.

johndoe112111623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )


Even if they release NMS before, I'll bet they're making sure that NMS is 100% compatible and ready for when morpheus is released. That game will sell morpheus units guaranteed.

Hairy Chewie1623d ago

@death Im pretty sure they just meant there weren't going to be any morpheus exclusive games and any games that support morpheus could also be played on any normal screen. So if NMS supports morpheus, then the entire game should be able to be played using it.

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christian hour1623d ago

I will definitely be getting one down the line at some point, been dying to try out some more VR ever since I got a go of occulus (though I don't know if this will be slightly below, equal or slightly above the occulus experience, I'm happy either way).

saying that, I will buy it day one if No Mans Sky supports it. I'll already be living out my childhood dream via controller with that game, I wont say no to further immersion of that dream via Morpheus.

isa_scout1623d ago

I completely agree. Having Morpheus compatible with an already amazing looking game like No Mans Sky can only make the experience that much more engrossing. Hope both launch soon though, the wait is killing me.

SteamPowered1623d ago

Im anxious as well to see the Morpheus head to head against the Oculus. The Rift needs a pretty strong PC to run it (GTX 970+i5) so Im wondering if Sony found some clever shortcuts, or if it will be a different experience altogether.

Hairy Chewie1623d ago

A launch bundle with No Mans Sky would sell like crazy.

christian hour1622d ago


yeah that's somethin I think a lot of people don't realise (and I feel if they dont realise it soon, they're setting themselves up for disappointment)

The games will essentially be rendering twice from 2 different angles, now while it wont be as taxing as say split screen play, it does mean games may have to sacrifice some sort of graphical fidelity to achieve it.

Hypothetical example:
No mans sky is more process heavy than anything so I reckon it could take a hit in maybe opbject draw distance or resolution when going through morpheus.

I know it's not the same thing but a similar thing happened with games on ps3 when you switched to 3d, for example in uncharted certain models lowered in polygon count and some of the frills (like shrubs etc) were completely removed, i might be remembering details wrong but it was something along those lines.

This isn't a bad thing either, it doesn't diminish the games or the product, it's just a tiny sacrifice but I can see people blowing it out of the water when it becomes widespread provable knowledge as morpheus approaches, same way they blew the whole 3d games graphical loss thing out of the water on ps3.

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Insomnia_841623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

It's waiting for...PLAYSTATION EXPERIENCE!!!

I laugh at those who compare this to Move, Kinect, and 3D.

Death1623d ago

What separated VR and AR from these accessories? They all have more in common than you are giving them credit for. How much is Morpheus and what games will support it? We have no information other than "it's ready" and Sony is waiting for "experiences".

donthate1623d ago

I'm excited for VR, but I was excited for Kinect, PS Move, 3D and Wii as well. I like new experiences, but VR has all the hallmarks of past failures.

It is the next in line of those failures due to VR sickness, relatively complicated setup and high price.

PS4/Project Morpheus will have relatively low quality experience to boot compared to Oculus Rift so Sony have an additional challenge there.

I'm probably buying Oculus Rift over Project Morpheus right now due to open platform, expected superior software lineup and belief that Facebbok management is better at software than Sony.

But have to wait for more to be shown including price!

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ilikepizza1622d ago Show
dantesparda1622d ago Show
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Genuine-User1623d ago

Probably the only console related peripheral I'm thoroughly excited for.

WowSoChill1623d ago

After the VITA and its support even with 10 Million+ sold i'm worried for this ninch VR hardware Sony is investing in, i am hopeful though

johndoe112111623d ago

Firstly it's 'niche'. Secondly, do you know what that word means?

lemoncake1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

yes he obviously does as it is used correctly. It is far from being a mainstream product atm.

@disagrees obviously some people don't understand what a niche product is.

johndoe112111623d ago


"@disagrees obviously some people don't understand what a niche product is."

DO YOU??????

ilikepizza1622d ago

VR is very niche right now and will be till the headsets are cheap. He is totally wrong and has all dem bubbles lol. This is what is wrong with this site. Be pro sony and you will be rewarded and can basically push your opinions on others. If VR isn't niche then what is it? Mainstream? I think not.

IamTylerDurden11623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Vita is at over 12 million according to anti-Sony site vgchartz, so probably even higher. Vita could come close to the original xbox in lifetime sales, down the road.

Too much invested and too much interest for VR to be niche.

VR is here to stay, it's too immersive, ppl who try it love it.

Death1623d ago

It's going to come down to cost and user base. Sony also has history going against them. The most popular accessory released was the original Kinect and it left many people disappointed. Support was also negligible with only a handful of titles supporting it and hardly any memorable. The idea of Morpheus is very cool, but we haven't seen a price point for a reason. According to Sony they don't have the software to justify a release yet either. They are going to need a very attractive price point to gain as big a user base as possible if they are going to attract developers. Even then they will need the killer app to get sales if the price is reasonable. It's much more an uphill battle than people are making it out to be. Nothing is a given.

TwoForce1623d ago

@Death Do you really think that is true ? Even i don't know you're Playstation fans or not. You're still downplaying Playstation a lot of lately. Look at your comment, you just defend Microsoft more than other companies. Do not lie to me. I don't let Sony pass, but i want them to be better. Right now, Sony done a great job for marketing and Project Morpheus looks polish enought to play. We have to wait a price. And one more things, don't try something that you are not fooling anyone.

IamTylerDurden11623d ago

@ Death

There will be an overwhelming amount of software (games) for Morpheus, it won't lack for games. Many Oculus games will be ported to Morpheusl, it's already happening. Sony has dedicated many studios to be Morpheus only/primarily Morpheus developers. Many many regular PS4 games will have a Morpheus component as well, so we are looking at 3 major avenues for quality software.

Kinect fairled bc it was a poorly executed and inaccurate product with very few quality games.

We can already expect The London Heist, RIGS, Eve Valkyrie, The Deep, Godling, Trackmania, SuperHyperCube, Playroom VR, Kitchen, ADR1FT, Danganronpa? No Man's Sky? Likely Outlast, Alien Iso, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Wipeout? Also, Oculus games are currently being ported.

donthate1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Yup, and Wii sold how many consoles and yet where are the motion control games anymore?

VR can only dream about reaching a fraction of that. If they sell anywhere near 10 million color it a huge success.

My guess is, the uncomfortableness, impractical and high price tag will steer people away from it for a long time.

All you need is "my wife tried VR and threw up" videos on YouTube to scare people.

I have yet to see a killer app for VR yet as developers are still figuring out what and how to use VR. We need quality content built from the ground up for VR, ala what Kinect had. Kinect looked like it had a better lineup than what is shown with Project Morpheus. I have higher hope fort Oculus Rift due to it's open nature with PC, and the quality of the experience, but still it lacks software.

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freshslicepizza1623d ago

from the article,
“Oculus on the other hand faces a tougher battle getting the rift to market. They are relying on a contract manufacture in china to produce their units. They are a new company with out any volume manufacturing experience, they do have lots of cash and of course their parent company has deep pockets so capital isn’t going to be a problem. They have a lot of work ahead to successfully pull of the Riff introduction. No one on their executive team has any experience bringing high volume consumer devices to market.”

yet they narrowed down their release for q1 of next year, sony is much more vague saying 2016. oculus also has dev kits out there and people can buy them. sony won't even comment on the pricing and i doubt they will be shipping high volumes.

shmowboyfebop1623d ago

I'm not sure you're accurate in assigning cause and effect. I'm not sure of what your comment is trying to mean at all. Please elaborate.

freshslicepizza1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

what i am elaborating on is oculkus rift is already out in the wild to buy, sony doesn't even want to announce a release date so it s a bit disingenuous to be attacking the competing when they themselves won't announce a release date, pricing and probably won't be shipping high volumes to begin with.

it's amusing watching sony attack oculus rift by saying they have a difficult task ahead of them getting it to market when sony won't even commit themselves. sony isn't even ready since they admit they don't even have sufficient software yet.

christian hour1623d ago

I don't see morpheus going any lower than 299. I mean if their mini projector costs as much as the console, then I can see morpheus costing in or around the same ballpark.

I don't know why everyones trying to make such a big competition out of occulus and morpheus. The more, the merrier, it gives people multiple options and entry points to getting to experience VR immersion, if I had the money for a decent gaming rig I'd definitely get occulus but as it stands I only have a ps4 at present so morpheus will have to do me for the time being. Hopefully I win the lotto or one of those african princes turns out to be legit this time.

freshslicepizza1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

ask yourself this, why doesn't sony support the pc with project morpheus? there is no reason why not to and if they truly want vr to succeed they should be trying to get it out there instead of acting like they know how to ship products. yet the camera for the ps4 was very hard to get when the ps4 came out.

christian hour1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )


ask yourself this... do you really have to ask that question? Obviously sony want morpheus to not only sell well to existing PS4 owners, they also want it to ship more units.

I think maybe you mistook my "the more the merrier it gives people multiple options" spiehl as if i was saying sony was doing everyone that favor, oh praiiiise the almighty sony /s XD I'm not a fanboy, so don't respond to me like I am.

I said it to cement that we dont need to throw these two against each other in a pointless competition (almost as pointless as the console wars online), they can both exist together without competing for market share. Now if they were both coming out on pc, that would be a different story.

Another thing, just because sony isn't officially releasing it for pc, doesn't mean it wont work on pc. You can just about get any electronic device functioning on pc, you just have to wait for extremely clever and passionate programmers and engineers to figure out a way.

I mean, the kinect wasn't out even a week and people had gotten it running up on pc, created drivers for it, and created their own programs and did WAY more creative things with it than microsoft ever did (mainly because they had an insane amount of power to draw from on their pcs whereas 360 had what, 512mb of ram or something? maybe it was a gb, i erased all that knowledge from my brain when it was no longer relevant to me).

Same with wii remotes, people even got wii remotes working when hooked up to a pc using two burning candles! Actually google some of the cool stuff people have done with wii remotes, one guy turned his tv into a picture window.

freshslicepizza1622d ago

i just don't see the downside to authorize it to work on the pc. you are selling your product to more potential users and also trying to get more people into virtual reality.

Sora_19941623d ago

Y does all your comments read like you have a grudge against Sony and Morpheus?? They haven't done anything yet to warrant the hat and most if the hands on have been very positive

freshslicepizza1623d ago

stop trying to profile me. i have nothing against sony any more than i do for nintendo or microsoft. i already called out microsoft for their weak attempt of their oculus support which makes no sense.

GameDev11623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

I believe Sony also said first half of 2016 for the Morpheus

And there is a reason Oculus only has dev kits out, not fully complete consumer products. Sony has morpheus dev kits all over with developers like Hello Games, Super Massive, even smaller indie developers, so I dont see your point

And it wasnt an attack at all, just a Sony engineer saying what he sees from the competitors perspective

But keep on flying that fanboy flag

"why doesn't sony support the pc with project morpheus?"

Have you ever seen Sony support PC with their Playstation brand apart from cross platform games or when they owned SOE??

That is why it is the PLAYSTATION brand. Sony have no stake in PC with this brand, hell people are asking why DS4 doesnt have full support for PC, or why there is no official remote play with PC

Its simple Sony are trying to sell their main console PS4 with every feature, content and periphal. People who want the Morpheus will have to get a PS4 to experience it, therefore helping sell products in their ecosystem. Sony is simply trying to infuse products into their most successful brand

And the PS camera's were hard to get because they sold out due to high demand which Sony was not expecting, so they had to put more into production. This was clearly clarified

Think before you comment

Death1623d ago

If Morpheus was the only VR device available you would be correct. People don't want "Morpheus", they want VR. Morpheus is simply the marketing name for VR on Playstation. The Rift is VR on PC which has a much larger user base. Sony should incorporate PC into the equation if they want Morpheus to be successful. If devs could target both PC and PS4 there is a greater chance of success for the platform. Microsoft partnering up with Oculus is a smart move since they are targeting more users and developers. If they can get actual VR support for the Xbox One they will have a definite advantage. Sony would be smart to counter this move by supporting PC with their device.

freshslicepizza1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

"Have you ever seen Sony support PC with their Playstation brand apart from cross platform games or when they owned SOE??"

yes, it's called android. they also allow playstation now on samsung smart tv's. seems like sony wants to dabble but not commit. do they want to make money or are they more interested in control? something like vr will take a partnership to succeed. otherwise it will be just another peripheral much like playstation move.

"And the PS camera's were hard to get because they sold out due to high demand which Sony was not expecting, so they had to put more into production."

speaking of which, where is all the support for it?

"Think before you comment"

they are treating it as its own platform, not a peripheral.

kenwonobi1623d ago

The answer is this. Over 20 million users vs 10 Xbox. They can afford having their own install base vs pc and Xbox.

freshslicepizza1622d ago

the install base of pc is well over 20 million. now tell me what you honestly think the attach rate will be for morpheus? history has shown peripherals always have a tough time not only selling but also getting software support. no wonder sony tried to imply it isn't a peripheral when we all know it is.

shmowboyfebop1623d ago

One guy at Sony, isn't Sony. It's not an official statement. Oculus also doesn't have to do much in terms of first party support. Being a PC peripheral means anyone can make content for it and they don't have to worry about it.

stating that oculus has a tough ride ahead of then isn't an attack. Not stating something positive isn't indicative of an attack.

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Am-No-Hero1623d ago

Wait for the right title , PlayStation Experience will hit it

isa_scout1623d ago

I'm guessing thats why No Mans Sky release date wasn't announced at e3. Imagine the bombshell if at PSX Sony announces a No Mans Sky Morpheus bundle with a February release date. People will just be getting income tax returns and have money to spend.

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