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Joaby at AusGamers writes: "What people are talking about when they declare something a Walking Simulator are the popular narrative-focused games where the player meanders through a game-world learning more about it as they go. The player interacts by looking and learning, and forward momentum is acquired directly via forward momentum. In Gone Home, you find notes from their sister. You arrive home and you experience a person's life as well you might by walking into a vacationing family's home and ruffling through their shit. It's endearing thanks to strong, absent characterisation and fairly solid plotting, and so people connect with the house, the characters and the game itself.

I could see what there was to like about Gone Home as much as I could see what people disliked. This is not the case with Everybody's Gone to the Rapture."

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Am-No-Hero1618d ago

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is better than this game for me , yeah it doesn't deserve 2.5 !! maybe 7 for me or 6 thats it

DigitalRaptor1615d ago

It only takes one outrageous review score to bring down an average.

Well there we have it. The game is an 8/10. Great stuff.