DriveClub vs Project CARS Graphics comparison Lykan Hypersport

Youtube’s "FantasyGamer" Has post new video shows Graphics Comparison between Driveclub And Project CARS.

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MCTJim1617d ago

hmmmm...driveclub video looks..wierd...something doesnt look right to me.

LG_Fox_Brazil1617d ago

I was about o say that, there is something... I don't know, weird about the video's quality

MCTJim1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

It looks like a poor capture really. I just fired it up(the actual game) to see and this videos quality is just that, poor.

Spotie1617d ago

Yeah, besides the fact that it's youtube, the DC side looks really washed out and low-Q, among other things.

1617d ago
GribbleGrunger1617d ago

They've picked the worse quality Youtube video of Driveclub I've ever seen, picked a white car so you can't see much of a reflection, picked an ordinary looking day and a straight uninteresting section of the course ... Wouldn't be deliberate, would it?

Kingdomcome2471617d ago

Yeah... they couldn't have made Driveclub look any worse had they tried. The video doesn't exactly portray PC in a positive light either. Poor video is a poor video.

Edito1616d ago

I play Driveclub on a daily basis and i can tell this video is wrong...

Lamboomington1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

There's nothing wrong with the footage aside from the usual youtube compression.

It's just that this video is just a really bad comparison and doesn't say a thing about graphics. The video doesn't necessarily show that PCars looks better.
More colour and contrast don't mean better graphics. The location and lighting are just completely different to begin with !

People who've played enough games will know, after watching that video, that Driveclub could still be the better looking game.

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chrisx1617d ago

Driveclub has the best racer graphics ever.

LG_Fox_Brazil1617d ago

Agreed. It's the most beautiful graphics I have seen in a console game so far.

Kingdomcome2471617d ago

Some people may not like the game, but whoever disagreed with this is delusional.

pop_tarts1617d ago

This comparison doesn't make either game look appealing. Both look way better than what they're portrayed in this video.

Qrphe1617d ago

Oh yeah, such a fair comparison

barb_wire1617d ago

Poor video IMO, far too bright on the right and much too dark on the left.

Can't people just play games anymore without nitpicking the shit out of them.

Kiwi661617d ago

No , no they can't because then they'd have nothing to argue about yet when i started gaming in '77 we didn't care about this stuff as you know we just enjoyed playing the games

LifeInNZ1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

I started gaming not long after...I miss the good old days.

Favoritism has always been there...commodore vs atari, amstrad vs spectrum vs commodore, sega vs nintento, etc but it was still about the games no matter the platform.

I wonder if we took away the anonymity if whether or not objective opinions and educated discussions/debates would ensue over the fanboy rhetoric we get today. I find it utterly incredible the way people defend a plastic box or few extra pixels and attack anyone who does not share their point of view. Imagine if fanboys were like that with everything and not just gaming!

I've raised my kids to be objective about gaming and just have fun. They could not care about who made the box or which box a game runs on, they don't pixel count or shun a game because it has less grass or fewer shadows. They just focus on the game and as a result enjoy gaming just as much as I do. I will say I am lucky that I've been able to afford both an X1 and PS4 so they get to play all the major exclusives.

iceman061616d ago

Wow...the old headz crew. I started roughly 3 years after you and I basically am happy with decent graphics. It's the gameplay and story that are the focus for me. Is it something that I can do over and over and still enjoy? Is there a narrative that hooks me? I don't even care if it's a so called gimmick because I grew up on games composed completely of rectangles and squares! LOL

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