Former CD Projekt RED Devs Announce Fool’s Theory First Game, Set To Be PC Exclusive

The game will be called Seven and it is set to be a “Thief-inspired, 3D isometric RPG“. Seven will be set in a ‘beyond post-apocalyptic’ environment.

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Ashlen1621d ago

I look forward to hearing more.

Mostafeto1621d ago

Me too but I think their choice of making it a PC exclusive may be a turn off for some people.

freshslicepizza1621d ago

who is that, console only owners? the same thing happens with console exclusives, it's also a turn off for some people. this game will likely come out later on consoles but these guys are pc first and foremost developers.

Takwin1621d ago

I like all of those buzzwords I just read. I'm intrigued enough to read a lot more about this.