The Order 1886 - Prototype vs Final Build Comparison

Since the footage of prototype version of The Order 1886 surfaced today it's worth to compare it to final build, released earlier this year. And so, here's another Bullsh*t Detector episode prepared specialy for you.

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IamTylerDurden11615d ago

The Order looked incredible in the final build, i admittedly didn't watch the vid but if they claim The Order was heavily downgraded that's bs.

The Order is the best looking console game i've seen, forza 5, Watchdogs, titanfall, Aliens CM were complete bs as they were severely downgraded, not The Order.

cyckiewicz1615d ago

Fear not! They really improved the graphics. And I agree, that this is the best looking console game I've seen too.

Cy1615d ago

I'd like to know how much actual, substantial content was supposed to be in the game when they started designing it. Because not much actually made it into the release version.

ballsohard20131615d ago

whats the difference.... the final product was trash anyways lol.

lemoncake1615d ago

Lol u know it's bad when this is best defence people can come up with for this wannabe game.

Sonyslave31615d ago

I know right trash is trash lol

alex1015941615d ago

I like it.....a good amount. I got it for $40 and liked it a lot, well with the exception of the games length, but for $40 I'm satisfied.

ballsohard20131615d ago

@SquidBuck yes i tried it. Borrowed my boys copy after he beat it in one weekend. Graphically, its a winner. But the QTE is horrendous . The game is far to linear for my tastes. And i beat the first Act with little to no effort. Everyones entitled to their own opinion... and to me it was trash because of the HYPETRAIN surrounding this game. I remember this was suppose to be a launch title along with Driveclub and was also one of the reasons i got Ps4 before X1. It turns out Bloodborne and Witcher did thaat. For the most part ive been pretty disappointed with the Ps4 exclusives besides Bloodborne. This game was a waste especially since there was public outcry about the QTE and they still went ahead and tried to force it down our throats. Then you had fanboys on both sides spinning it... X1 fanboys shouting double standard via RYSE and Sony Fanboys saying give it a chance and giving sony a pass because their winning console sales. The effing game is trash. Simple. Come back better on the next effort.

FYI theres another piece of shit being made called H-Hour that supposed to be a fix for us Socom aka SoCrack players. But its 2015 and these guys got the graphics looking like a ps2 game. Then they will wonder why they will bomb. Damn fools lol

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sprinterboy1615d ago

Great single player campaign, with great story and gfx to boot. If a games not at least 20 hrs long it's immediately shit in journalists and alot of gamers minds, how sad.

Reddzfoxx1615d ago

For $60 it better be at least 20 hours long. I could rent 10 great movies for $60 and be entertained for 20+ hours. Or I could game fly for 3 months and play this game and return it in a day ( since its really short )and easily rent more games and get my moneys worth.

Personally I don't pre-order any games anymore because of overhyped games that are huge letdowns like the Order 1886. A 6 hour long game with cutscenes and push a button a the right time to progress forward making up the majority of the content is pure garbage for the industry.

Maybe they had a good idea with the story and such but 6 hours of content for $60 is a rip off in any playbook.

ninsigma1615d ago

There is literally one qte section. Get over it.

Not hating on you for not liking the game but I hear the qte excuse a lot for why this game is bad and it's in only one section of the game.

Why should a game be 20 hours long?? I certainly don't want all games to be 20 hours long. I like having short story based games and there's nothing wrong with them.

1615d ago
ninsigma1615d ago

Blah yeah, forgot about the Wolf fights. They weren't very good, that's why I forgot lol main qte hate though was the garden section, so that's why it was the biggest thing to jump into my head. So there's the garden and the two wolf fights. The rest were small insignificant button presses to go through doors etc. Loads of games have them so I don't know why they would be worth discussing/complaining about as there were very few of them.

I know there are a lot of reasons people didn't like it, which is why I didn't comment on above mentioning the length and the cutscenes because that's all down to a person's perceived value gain, I can't disagree with a persons sense of value xD

Also I didn't suggest he hadn't played the game so don't where you got that from. It's easy enough for you to go check out my trophy list and find the nice shiny platinum I have for the order if you don't believe that I've played it :)

IamTylerDurden11615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

U didn't play The Order did u? Ur going off what u heard.

Wolfenstein wasn't 20hrs, i don't want every sp campaign to be 20hrs, 10hrs is good for me. Every game can't be fallout, i don't have time, i love short pleasureful games just as much as Dragon Age and Oblivion.

The Order took me over 10hrs on playthrough number 1. I enjoyed The Order very much, i bought the beautiful $150 LE and i am thrilled w/it. U say it's trash as if it has no redeeming qualities. Truth is The Order has better visuals, voice acting, and world building than 90% of AAA games. Lore and story are excellent, the writting is solid, and the weapons were well done. It could've used a little more combat, but there was nothing wrong with the combat.

I'm not the type to hate on QTE and then praise The Walking Dead. I had no problem with the QTE's, and i enjoy Tell Tale games. The Order ran better than any AAA this gen on Day1, but then ppl ignore that.

Based on the production value, visuals, voice acting, setting, story, how polished it was Day1, competent combat, and writting it shouldn't have been rated poorly. It was shorter and perhaps could've used more combat, that's far from "trash".

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1615d ago
Genova841615d ago

Am I the only one confused by the number of the order articles the past 24-48 hours? I mean is this even a GOTY contender? What's with all the sudden press? :-/

ninsigma1615d ago

So what if it's not a goty contender?? It has some great technical stuff going behind it and rad have just had a conference about it all at siggraph. That is why there's a lot of articles.

Genova841615d ago

Ah. That's makes sense. Bubbs for helpfulness!

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