Preview: LEGO Dimensions - bigger than Infinity - Gaming Boulevard

The guys of Gaming Boulevard wrote a preview of LEGO Dimensions, based on their hands-on with the game.

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elarcadia1621d ago

This game is going to explode. I refuse to play it though (just like I refuse to play Disney Infinity and SKylanders) because I know I would just sink far too much money into it. Happy gaming to all you who pick it up!

BLAKHOODe1619d ago

I see the game bombing. The set pieces are too many and too expensive and the LEGO brand, as if it wasn't already going stale, will only go more stale that much faster. I have Disney Infinity 2.0 and we're getting 3.0, but only because my 7 year old daughter loves it and I think the characters are pretty cool collectibles. LEGO Dimensions doesn't interest us at all.