The Witcher 3 New Game Plus DLC Will Be Out By Tomorrow On PS4 And PC

The Witcher 3 New Game Plus DLC will be released by tomorrow on PlayStation 4 and PC, Community manager Marcin Momot confirmed

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Psychotica1623d ago

I am not anywhere near to close to finishing my first play through..

1623d ago
WellyUK1623d ago

I almost am, but I will defo be jumping in for round 2 when I get there.

Sokol1623d ago

Such a massive and great game, after 220+ hours I have done all I need to do.

All that is left Is exploring some question marks small islands for curiosity purpose alone.
I can now actually play other games I haven't touched in two months lol.

Waiting eagerly on two expansion packs, I can't even fathom playing the game on new game+ :)

vikingland11623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

I have almost the exact same experience as you. That's awsome! Can somebody explain what new game + does exactly? I don't understand what it brings to the game? Because the game can be finished and you can still keep playing, so what am I missing?

Edit: so I read the article and it says NG+ lets you start the game over with some of the stuff you earn from the first play through. I hope I get to keep my griffon armor and swords.

FunkMacNasty1623d ago

I'm not sure what it means here, but usually new game plus means you can restart the game's main story and quests over again from level 0, but keeping earned items from your previous play through, like armor sets and weapons.

WellyUK1623d ago

you get pushed to level 30 if you are lower level (You stay your level if above), get given a reset potion at start of NG+ so you can respec, Game should be harder like on Dark souls NG+ etc. You basically get to play the game through again with your character already leveled and geared up. Also achievements/trophies reset like the gwent cards all reset when you start NG+ so i would finish that if you need to.

However i am not sure you can actually level up or if you stay at the level you are as people will end up way out leveled for the expansions.

vikingland11623d ago


Thank you for your response

Gigus1623d ago

I'm not sure if I missed the news here but when are they gonna release season pass related dlc? Slightly off topic, so apologies.

thekhurg1623d ago

1st one is holiday this year, 2nd one is next spring.

WellyUK1623d ago

I think they said October, don't take my word though but should be end of this year for the first one.

Sokol1623d ago

Here is the most recent article I was able to find.

It explains what CD Projekt Red has in store for new game plus.

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