Ready at Dawn's The Order 1886 Engine Targeted PC/PS4, Check It Out Running At 60 FPS On PC

Ready at Dawn gives the first look at The Order 1886 running on PC at 60 fps. They also list the target platform as PC and PS4 here, which confirms their earlier statement that The Order 1886 wouldn’t have been possible on any other platform other than PS4, and obviously the PC.

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chrish19901788d ago

Running at 60fps - what about a video? All I see is screenshots?

DarkLordMalik1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

There is a video too, but it is in the technical presentation as linked in the credit URL. Those who want to get a more detailed look at the process should check out the full presentation.

Just a heads up, it is close to 500 MB but full of interesting information on the game.

chrish19901788d ago

Ahh, fair enough. Thanks, I'll be having a gander at that

bouzebbal1788d ago

I platinumed The Order this weekend and it's a damn impressive looking game. Every single scene is full of details. It's stupid what i'm gonna say but i think they pushed the detail too far on this game.

You wanna show someone what PS4 can really do? Just show them a single picture of this game, no matter where in the game it's taken from.

Hoping for a bit more open sequel and some explosive gameplay. RAD nailed their first AAA, future seems bright for them that's for sure.

neoandrew1788d ago

There are no video in this presentation at all.

addictgamer1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

The Siggraph 2015 Live trailer shows some 60fps pc footage. Actually, it also has footage where the debug camera and the game camera are running at the same time at 60fps.

neoandrew1787d ago


Than you very much.

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TwoForce1788d ago

I'm enjoy The Order really. Hopefully, they can improve with the sequel.

MasterCornholio1789d ago

What makes it sonly possible on the PS4 and PC and not the other consoles?

freshslicepizza1788d ago

nothing, they could make it for the xbox one given time but it would likely be running at 900p and not 1080p. not sure about the wii u given the makers of project cars couldn't release it on that system.

MasterCornholio1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

I don't believe the Wii U can handle a game like this. As for the XB1 it could probably handle an inferior version of the game. Like you said probably at 900P with some other visual effects toned down.

Actually because they used a strange resolution it would probably run at a resolution lower than 900P to maintain those black bars. But that's due to the design choice of the game and not systems hardware.

I guess from what the developers are saying the game can't run that easily on the XB1.

Grap1788d ago

the thing is the game isn't 900p on PS4 it's 800p..

kstuffs1788d ago

While the game renders at 1080p native, it's aspect ratio makes 1920*800=1536000 pixels as the actual game. The rest is two black bars at the top. To put that in perspective, Ryse graphically still look spectacular for a console launch game at 1600*900=1440000 pxels. Now, they are not the same genre and 1886 animation is a lot better than Ryse. Point being, 1886 isn't rendering the full 1080p.

yewles11788d ago

If it was on X1, would probably run at 1600x667 resolution.

zidane13411788d ago

there are plenty of 1080P games. Its not that hard, Devs just need to optimize there game to take advantage of everything. And when Dx12 comes out, itll be really easy.

babadivad1788d ago

Didn't run at 900p on the ps4?

LamerTamer1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )


DX12 is a software upgrade, not a hardware upgrade. It will improve some things but the X1 GPU is still weaker. No amount of software is going to magically add ROPs, shaders or compute units to x1 GPU.

ANY game can run at 1080p given enough downgrades in other areas. Yes this could run on X1 but it wouldn't look quite as good, even with DX 12 as it is GPU intensive.


No it ran at 1920*800 which is slightly higher rez than 900p, but less than a full 1080p.

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Volkama1788d ago

PS4 and PC are listed as the target platform, therefore it couldn't run on anything else. Just flawed logic from the writer.

Given the way he kicked off I'd say he either likes to trumpet the PS4, or likes to stir up fanboy heat.

MasterCornholio1789d ago

So basically the engine was designed just for the PS4 and PC.

That's a pretty obvious answer to my question but its probably correct. Unless the game is doing something only possible on PC and PS4 of course.

Volkama1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

Nah, Ready at Dawn have already said it's a multiplatform engine including support for Xbox One.

The Order targets PS4 and PC. The only odd part of that sentence is that PC is listed as a target platform, and they have PC builds of the game. It's a PS4 exclusive, so you wouldn't expect it to target anything other than PS4.

It doesn't really say anything about what is or isn't possible on other consoles. We all know the PS4 is more powerful and The Order pushes it well so it's likely that it wouldn't run on the One without compromises, but listing target platforms doesn't mean anything.

TFJWM1788d ago

They never said it can't run on anything else. They said it can't run on anything else and have the same graphic fedility...

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lemoncake1788d ago

Cause it's an exclusive.

MasterCornholio1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

That's not a good answer. I was asking for a more technical explanation.

lemoncake1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

You might want some technical answer but when you cut through the bull and PR that's the only thing that remains.

TwoForce1788d ago

Well, that's something i can accept that.

_-EDMIX-_1788d ago

@Master- well then you need to fully elaborate what you mean.

Its a good answer to a strange question.

Do you mean in its current state or do you mean at all?

In its current state PS4 is the only console that can actually do that with this game.

IF you mean at all, that applies to almost all games, it can be done on XONE with many downgrades as the game isn't using some magic to exist on PS4, it clearly won't look at share or as good, but it will exist.

But whats strange is I'm pretty sure you already knew that so I'm not really sure why your asking a question you might already have known the answer to.

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freshslicepizza1788d ago

well to be frank the reason why it won't is because sony owns the ip. that's why they are able to make such claims. they did it last generation too with exclusives saying it's only possible on the ps3.

_-EDMIX-_1788d ago

I think they mean at its current state with a certain amount of GPU power which they are sorta right.

For arguments sake, lets say "it" is The Order in its current state, 1.85TFLOP of gpu power on PS4, then something stronger on PC. It just means in that current state or higher, at 1.3TFLOPs on XONE your factually not getting the same build but lessor.

If you mean at all, that is the case with all games, all games in some state can be ported on a system and just downgraded and lessor according to, but that is not what they mean.

Consider when someone states "it" can only be done on XYZ, they are referring to the current build and state of the game currently, not that concept of the game.

Wii U could handle a game like this.....clearly not at its current state, which sorta goes back to exactly what you where questioning.

One must factor, are you questioning if it can be done at all with downgrades or if it can be done at its current state?

For one to answer if "it" can be done, we need to know exactly what you think "it" actually is and in what respect are you asking the question?

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freshslicepizza1788d ago

i would imagine any console game would be able to perform better on the pc (with the right hardware parts).

nowitzki20041788d ago

lmao at anyone who disagrees with this.

freshslicepizza1788d ago

phantom disagrees strike again. not sure why anyone would think the pc isn't capable of handling console ports if done right.

nowitzki20041788d ago


They should add a feature where if you put ur pointer over agrees/disagrees you can see who clicked what.

XanderZane1788d ago

Not surprising that some people actually disagreed. Just crazy. A very high end PC would run the game easily and it would be smooth as butter. What's to disagree with?

FlexLuger1788d ago

the scripting editor pic reminds me of my video sync editor in pro tools. I heard that dev kits and their software look a bit like DAW software. interesting. Makes me wonder what it would be like to score a videogame.

MasterCornholio1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

Sharp eye.

Good one.


Edit: Your welcome.

FlexLuger1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )


Ay stuff like this always interests me.Getting a good mix in stereo is challenging enough for most professional engineers. I dread to think how much more work goes into EQ,compression and dynamics, on a AAA game. And probably lots of convolution reverbs going on (tricky stuff to mix). On things like surround, when you have to perfectly mix incoming footsteps against things like gunfire and explosion

FlexLuger1788d ago

We seem to be getting crazy disagrees again, for no REAL reason today, cornholio. strange how we sit on opposite sides of the fence yet even when we are just having a harmless chat we still seem to attract disagrees.

Maxor1788d ago

60 FPS on the PC, what a shocker...not.