ESL's drug tests - How it works and what to expect

MWEB GameZone writes: "The ESL announced that they will implement 'doping tests' at the ESL One Cologne event which starts on 20 August 2015 and will continue with all subsequent ESL events.

Here is how the ESL will implement doping tests and what to expect, including the punishment system, drugs screened for and what happens if a player has a prescription."

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HanCilliers1615d ago

"to lead eSports to a new level of professionalism".

Wonder what's next.

Sillicur1615d ago

Exactly what eSports needs. Yeh wondering the same thing.

XBLSkull1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Honestly this is ridiculous, but on that note, so are all sports. Grown men playing games for a living? Pffff, glad you chose to do something meaningful with your lives... That being said playing games high back in the day is what it was all about. If you can't smoke weed and play video games, professionally or not, well that is a sad day for America.

Tankbusta401615d ago

Picked last for every team in gym class

plut0nash1615d ago

Other policies that work toward the goal. I don't want to be a competitor going up against a Lance Armstrong determined to win no matter what.

ziggurcat1614d ago

they could start by not calling the playing of video games a sport? because it's not a sport.

Choc_Salties1615d ago

It's about time. Good for them, starting with the testing procedure!

Sillicur1615d ago

Indeed, something that has to be done especially when large amounts of money are at stake, as well as building respect for eSports as a whole.

iceman061615d ago

THAT is exactly why it was done. Too much money at stake for eSports not to take it seriously. Those large corporate dollars don't want to be attached to anything that outwardly deals with drugs.

TLG19911615d ago

drug tests in a video game tournament but nothing for my local schools egg and spoon race...

Tankbusta401615d ago

This is a complete joke... Please stop calling it sports, it's not

Choc_Salties1613d ago

Well it sort of is, but its going through it's growing up period - I'm just surprised this phase wasn't looked at earlier in the evolution to where it is today...