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One summer Rae, a blind girl of around seven years old, strikes up a friendship with a local stray, whom she names Nani. Each day the cat stretches through the bars of an iron gate into Rae's idyllic garden, and the pair plays among the butterflies and daisies. The relationship blossoms, and Rae, for whom no friends come knocking, nor any parent appears to break their routine, comes to rely on Nani for company and comfort. Then, one day, Nani doesn't show up. Rae, who constructs a bright mental image of the world around her entirely by sound and touch, imagining, for example, the whereabouts of a motorcar from the dirty noise of its engine, or a tree from its autumn rustle, decides to head outside of the garden in search of the cat. Beyond Eyes shares, then, a goal with many other video games. It is a rescue mission in the Super Mario tradition, a grand fetch quest, albeit one viewed through a completely unfamiliar lens: disability.

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AudioEppa1616d ago

Waiting for news on the ps4 release date, really want to try this game out.