What Console Suits you?

Purchasing a video game console is a tough decision, Trying to decide what to go with and why. Let us weigh up the pros and cons on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and shed some light on what would be better for you.

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TwoForce1617d ago

Well, i have both console. But I prefer PS4 because it's my personal taste. If you like Xbox One, then fine by me. A lot of game coming out today for PS4 and Xbox One. Indie or AAA games, just play the hell out all of them. It's plain and simple really.

WowSoChill1617d ago

Nice, Xbox One suits me because i like to play Online more than anything, Xbox LIVE really satisfies my needs

Griever1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

I have grown up with Playstation since the PS1 (33 now) and my favorite genre of games is JRPG so its definitely PS4 for me. There is no other home console with JRPGs so I have no other choice.

In the end it is all a matter of preference in games. We do not play consoles; we play games. And we go wherever we can get the games/genres we want.

insomnium21617d ago

Any console is great as long as it plays TLOU. That game has TEH BESTEST online EVA! Not to mention the single player. BEST GAME EVER imo.

bouzebbal1617d ago

PS4 and 3DS.
First one due to the variety it gives and 3DS on the go is absolute greatness.

SniperControl1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

I have both as well, but i prefer the PS4, in my opinion, the exclusive stable on PS4 outweighs the X1 stable, saying that, i am really looking forward to Quantum Break, Recore and the Gears games.

If were including the PC as well, then PC is my main gaming platform.

Ocsta1617d ago

Same here. Pc for the majority of gaming, Ps4 for console exclusives/games that work better with a controller. That's the only combo you need if you actually have a life on the side.

ChrisW1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

I think they should have included the PC.

-Console controller capability
-Connects to any current TV for living room gaming comfort
-Awesome frequent sales on all download game clients (not just STEAM!)
-The myth that you have to spend a lot to play modern games is false
-There are PC exclusives as well...
-Backwards compatibility; even the original "Oregon Trail"

nix1617d ago

all you people with 2 consoles and a PC... nothing against you guys. but man, you guys have money to own all that. specially those people who own more than one console of the same type.

Simco8761617d ago

No one has time for your play both sides and love all systems. Just hate one or the other jesus.


slappy5081617d ago

I have and love both, but since I prefer Japanese games, if I could only have one console, it would be PS4.

tgunzz1617d ago

I have all three with my xb1 on first, my ps4 on second, my wiiu on 3rd... They all have so much to offer that I can't go with just one box...

SockeyBoy1617d ago

My three; Xbox one, Sega Dreamcast, Xbox 360

OB1Biker1617d ago

lol my 3: PS4 PS3 Vita :)

poppinslops1617d ago

Super Nintendo... it's the only console that has a Power Glove.

I love the Power Glove.

SockeyBoy1617d ago

actually dude the Power Glove was on the NES not the SNES.

poppinslops1617d ago

Oh yeah... it's been a long time since I watched 'the Whiz Kid'.

Rookie_Monster1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

If you count PC as well...

1. PC first for me. Best versions of third party port. Usually cheaper on new releases. MoDs!!

2. Xb1. Like the exclusives better (personal choice of course). BC as I have over 100 X360 games. All the updates and features like external HDD to store unlimited amount of games, snap features to let me do multitasking, and minor things like friends notification and unlimited cloud saves. Many games on dedicated servers, Windows 10 integration. My favorite controller is compatible with it.

3. PS4. Play most of my third party games that are not on PC on it. Some amazing exclusives and many incoming games that can't be played anywhere else.

Again, that is my preference and only mine.

Ocsta1617d ago

Never thought I'd say this Rook but, what you said makes perfect sense and is completely reasonable. I'm the same as you except for the fact that I have zero desire for a 'bone since the exclusives do absolutely nothing for me. Keep this up and people may actually stop insta-disagreeing with you :)