July 2015 NPD: Wii U sells 46,000 units

NE: "A few days ago, Nintendo shared a few tidbits about its sales performance in the U.S. last month. But the company didn’t have much to say regarding Wii U hardware sales. While Nintendo is remaining quiet on that front, we now have a sales figure for the console thanks to creamsugar, who often leaks NPD data."

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SaveMeJebus1618d ago

That's 46,000 more Wii U's than I own! I think it's about time to get one.

3-4-51618d ago

Compare it to past months of the Wii U not the PS4/XB1.

At this stage, it's not going to compete with those, until a really big price drop and even then, most already know about the NX.

bouzebbal1618d ago

this is a proof that 3rd party support is crucial, but the problem is that most people (and i'm one of them) buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games, only! And mostly the old Nintendo fanbase that buys their games for the nostalgia side.
They are dealing with a very big market issue, cause 3rd party games don't sell on their machine.
People have been so hyped for Wii U first time, but in my case i didn't even understand what it was really.. I hope next time they take a more classic approach, or at least have a good PR.
Looks more and more like NX is Nintendo's next home console, but i hope they don't make it too weird so 3rd party publishers can easily port their games on it.

N4g_null1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Software sales where up for the wiiu and 3ds. Profit is profit. It looks like splatoon gave them a nice bump. It's mostly selling to people who already own a wiiu. That is fine. %50 of that is 5 million so that is a good attachment rate.

3rd party is cool but that has mostly been a bunch of empty hype so far. Even on the most powerful platform rocket arena is selling better than all AAAs.

Japanese 3rd party is collapsing as we speak for mobile games and the West will follow once the fans actually get tired of the "games" many are pushing.

I think the nx is going to make a lot of people angry lol. It seems gamers want to be saved from the video game apocalypse coming lol.

I'm more curious about who will be president now more than anything else. Also if the nx does come it will be in handheld form first it's looking like. With the console coming in 2017 or 18 it seems. The concept is unified content.

3-4-51617d ago

NX needs to be more developer friendly and by that I mean if dev's want to compete graphically with other dev studios, it would help to have a more powerful device to do that on.

NX not being the weakest console should make it appealing to make games on.

Also have a feeling games for next handheld & console will be easy to get them on either or, so that dev's can make double the money off the game, and gamers get more games to play.

Magicite1617d ago

Ill wait until XenoX and maybe even longer, seeing how Nintendo started ditching WiiU, its not exactly wise buying it when its still at 300$.

zugdar1617d ago

You can get Nintendo referbs for 50 less at least.

Rookie_Monster1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

dang..that is not good. Compared to the 218k and 189k of the PS4 and XB1 in July, Nintendo is way, way behind. Nintendo really hope the NX is a hit or else it is pretty much it for Nintendo in the console business.

MasterCornholio1618d ago

I agree with you. Nintendo can't be happy about this even if they are making a profit with the syatem.

I really hope the NX performs alot better.

I_am_Batman1617d ago

At this point I doubt that Nintendo is capable of making the right decisions when it comes to console design. Don't get me wrong Nintendo makes awesome games but they've constantly made weird decisions when it comes to console design since the N64. Nintendo was lucky to catch the casual gamers with the Wii but that won't work another time since casual games are mostly played on smartphones nowadays.

Maybe Nintendo will prove me wrong and make a competative console but for now I remain sceptical.

demonddel1617d ago

I'm curious where did you get those numbers for the ps4 and xbox one

CBaoth1617d ago

NeoGAF. When the July NPD results were announced, MS issued a statement that YoY XB1 sales were up 44%. Posters used last year's numbers to extrapolate the 189k. NPD insider, Creamsugar, then posted a pie graph showing the month's percentages (48% PS4, 42% XB1, 10% WiiU).

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1618d ago

not surprise. When the last retail game was Splatoon.

ShaunCameron1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

And that was about 3 months ago. And the date for the next (semi) major retail Wii U release is 10/16/2015. Another 2 months away.

rainzor1618d ago

The Wii U is already dead. It's an underpowered console, with no 3rd party games. Nintendo should just be a 3rd party developer. Star Fox won't probably sell good; it can't compete with the massive AAA blockbuster games like Halo 5, Black Ops 3, Fallout 4, Battlefront and many more

ShaunCameron1617d ago

@ rainzor

The same AAA blockbusters that Sony and Microsoft fanboys swear are stagnating the industry, taking sales and fanfare away from the more deserving games? LOL

morganfell1617d ago

Shaun, the issue is those AAA games move consoles. I am not saying AAA Blockbuster games are better. And by the way, some of them are damn good. But whether they are good or not isn't the issue in the context of your point. What is important is they shift units. More consoles sold equals more third party support from those smaller games that matter.

GordonKnight1617d ago

What about Super Mario Maker? That releases on 9/11.

deafdani1617d ago

Super Mario Maker releases in September, 11th.

That doesn't change the fact that yes, Nintendo's own releases have been pretty sparse this year.

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rainzor1618d ago

Japanese gaming is irrelevant, it's been declining . Think about it, the PS4 is not even selling good in Japan and yet the PS4 is suppose to be one of the best selling consoles. The PS4 is only doing good in Europe and America. Most of the best selling games on PS4 are western games like GTA5, Destiny, Watch Dogs, Call of Duty, The last of Us. We can say that PS4 is basically a western console like the Xbox One.

DonkeyDoner1618d ago

when god eater and DQ heroes release ps4 on top of 3ds so all ps4 need is a famous rpg to boost sales

Spotie1618d ago

That's hardly true. What we're seeing is handhelds doing best in Japan, but that doesn't equate to Japanese gaming becoming irrelevant.

They still continue to make some of the best games out there, and you can easily find Japanese-made games among the most desired titles on all three home consoles, to say nothing of the handhelds.

Griever1618d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

You are ignoring a lot of factors and information in order to reach that conclusion. The PS4 is doing good EVERYWHERE; and even in Japan it is doing miles better than Xbox One and much better than Wii U. Success is measured in relative terms and it is dong much better than its competitors. Furthermore, what about all the eastern games on the PS4 which are not on the Xbox One?

Dragon Quest Heroes I & II
Dragon Quest X
Dragon Quest XI
Star Ocean V
Persona 5
Street Fighter V
Tales of Zestiria
Tales of Berseria
Exist Archive
Phantasy Star Online II
Nier 2

Why are you ignoring all those games? PS4 has just as many exclusive Japanese games and it is not a western console like the Xbox. Each of those games released motivates more and more people in Japan to buy the PS4. When those games release the console will establish a good weekly baseline in Japan even if it does not sells gangbusters.The bottom line remains that it still sells better than every other home console in Japan.

Indigon1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

@ Griever: This is exactly why I'm going for a PS4. Japanese support is very important to me to keep gaming fresh. I love western games as well but I wouldn't want to be restricted to just that.
The new Dragon Quest will probably put a lot of PS4's in Japanese homes.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1617d ago

Dragon Quest XI will sell more on 3DS

Phantasy Star Online 2 won't move units when
it's on mobile, vita and pc for the longest

Dragon Quest X isn't exclusive. It already had it user base on Wii, Wii U, PC, Mobile and 3DS.

Exist Archive will sell more on PS Vita

Bloodborne?? Why you mention old games.

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Loadedklip1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Amazing First Party published games ... little to no third party support.

Third parties combined make far far far more games than any single 1st party publisher.

Wii U had little casual appeal u like the Wii.

Wii U had little support from third parties which wasn't enough for core gamers. These gamers are use to the level of support Playstation and X-Box gets.

Wii U is basically a Nintendo adapter. If you are willing to spend 300 dollars to play only Nintendo published tities.

Everything else is on the other consoles or PC while looking and running better.

herbs1617d ago

And that is why PC Wii U combo is easily the best.

TheColbertinator1618d ago

3DS is right on the money. The WiiU is a hole in Ninty's pocket

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1618d ago

Nintendo make money off Wii U. They just won't get much in total return.

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