Forza Motorsport 6 Install Size Revealed

As is the fascination of recent times or those cautious about their data caps, Forza Motorsport 6's install size has been revealed.

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cfc781792d ago

Hopefully it goes gold well before the 10th.

sammarshall1021792d ago

Wow that's more than Forza Horizon 2 and it should be with the improved graphics, night and rain added

I'm ready

Rookie_Monster1792d ago

44gb....that is huge but not surprising since it has 450 cars, all built from the grounds up, weather, 24 cars on track and a whole slew of other improvements. But with external HDD, it is a non-issue regardless of size.

Sureshot1792d ago

Yea its up there in size. So glad I recently hooked up a 3TB to my XO. Went from 96% full to 11%. Bring on Forza, my xbox is ready :P

Minimox161791d ago

@ Sureshot

I want that feature in my Ps4 sooo bad :( its soo cool,I have like 2 2TB external HDD laying in my bedroom, Im waiting Black friday to get a Xbox one :)

On topic: on really big install Size, but with all the content in it that normal.

Spyroo1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Not built from the ground up for this game no. Built ever since Forza Motorsport 5 and other cars from Horizon 2 aswell ported.

Sureshot1792d ago

So? If it ain't broke right?

mhunterjr1791d ago

Well, this game as double to amount of cars Forza 2 launched with... So that's 200+ cars built specifically for this game, and another 200+ that were previously built specifically for the current gen Forza engine...

So it's nice to know they can amass this massive amount of content without recycling any assets from previous generations...

strifeblade1791d ago

all cars are premium cars built this gen forza which means it is consistent graphically

not like gran turismo where 200 cars were built for the ps3 gen and then the rest were ps2 models to bolster their car count- now thats bad.

showtimefolks1791d ago


Do you have a link to where it says built from ground up all the way? I think it's pretty safe that they may use some stuff from forza 5. It's kind of insane if any in to expect the excellent turn 10 to build everything from ground up for every game. I think all next Gen sequels use some assets from its past entries.

On topic

I don't think we can look too much into file size, reason being some developers compress their files while other many reasons don't. Sometimes there isn't enough time left for themto do so

Other times they don't see the need since there is enough space on the disk

Rookie_Monster1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Wow, I am surprise you didn't go straight to the personnel attack like what you were doing previously. What a 180 so to speak.

I only said that because I am bias and a fanboy like you were accusing me of being in all those previous threads when you were trashing me and calling and attacking every other xbox gamers with hate and accusations. Now, feel better now? SARCASM ;P

OT: hey, at least they are not using X360 games assets. So that is building from the grounds up on XB1 regardless if some cars were from FM5.

showtimefolks1791d ago


person attack seriously. and you act as if I am the only one, maybe you should read some replies

if you are actually a neutral gamer than act like one without playing any favorites

I have noticed you comments for past month or so before finally replying to you. please go to the article about ps4 selling because of hype and read stray's comments and tell me if was really wrong

I asked you simply for a link and I didn't accuse turn 10 of using xbox360 assets. I even said it's u fair for us to expect turn 10 to make every ga,e from ground up

I guess being here on this site for over 7 years I should have kept quite and just pree disagree like others do to your comments. but instead I actually asked you what was going on because your comments show that you favor Xbox over ps4. and that's not wrong you can have your favorite console without hating on another console

XanderZane1791d ago

Yeah, that's true. I'm glad I upgraded to a 4TB external HDD right after I bought my XB1. I still have over 3.2TB left. I think I can handle Forza 6. Even if I run out of storage (which won't happen anytime soon), I can always stick another 4TB on to it.

showtimefolks1791d ago

2 features a lot of ps4 fans soon

ability to view movies and stuff from extrenal hard drive

and support for extra hard drives to save games and stuff

_-EDMIX-_1791d ago

Agreed. Especially if you consider that was a huge leg up from last gen where only PD had Bluray and could crank out massive car counts.

Turn 10 should be able to really bring up the car count next few forza games because of this.

DrumBeat1791d ago

lol @ built from the ground up.

Are you a gamer or a salesman?

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user99502791792d ago

For reference, FM5 was 35gb.

Insane what they are doing with the extra 10 gigs. This game looks fantastic.

IamTylerDurden11791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Forza 5 was over 40gb and many ppl thought with 50% more cars and weather ect that forza 6 would be 50-60gb, some thought it would be 70. Some ppl thought it would be shipped w/2 disks like Castlevania, Mass Effect 2/3 & many other games were on 360 bc 360 didn't have blu-ray.

Quite surprising it's less than 4gb bigger than forza 5, maybe the prebaked lighting helps?

Look forza5 - 40.54gb

otherZinc1791d ago

Forza Motorsport 6 will be fantastic. Absolutely looking very forward to it.

Forza 6 is loaded, Project Cars was only 19gigs.

LAWSON721791d ago

Or like you know forza 3 and 4...

user99502791791d ago

Oh right on. I just read some new site that said 35 gigs. Clearly a bit off. Quite impressive, none the less.

mhunterjr1791d ago

Why would prebaked lighting help with file size?

Having dynamic lighting would reduce file size because the engine would dictate how surfaces looked; they wouldn't need to have a different texture for each time of day... Prebaked lighting increases the file size.

If you're gonna throw shots, at least know what you're aiming at.

reallyNow1791d ago

video and sound take up the most space, followed my textures. code, which would be used for lighting, takes up by far the least amount of space. 90% or more of the new HDD requirements will be the added cars, tracks, engine sounds, and music.

IamTylerDurden11791d ago

@ mhunterjr

I meant maybe the prebaked lighting in Forza 5 helps to increase the file size and that is 1 reason why 5 & 6 are so close in size. I knew that Forza 5 was prebaked and i just assumed that Forza 6 had dynamic lighting.

It appears that Forza 6 does indeed have prebaked lighting as well, so nvm. I just assumed that 2 years into the new gen that a AAA exclusive would have dynamic lighting. U misunderstood.

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TwoForce1792d ago

Wow, that way bigger GB than other Forza Games.

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