Critically Acclaimed 'The Talos Principle' May Be Releasing on Xbox One as Well as PS4

The ESRB ratings authority has recently rated the game ahead of its upcoming console release later this year, and in doing so it has revealed that the game is coming to the Xbox One. Or might be, rather. It's not concrete, but the ESRB don't usually make such glaring errors.

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poppinslops1615d ago


Hopefully this is true and I can add it to 'the list'... No way my laptop was ever gonna run this game.

poppinslops1615d ago

Oh, you disagree?

You obviously haven't seen my laptop... it's so old that it barely runs the first Witcher.

Giru0171615d ago

I hate these odd disagrees, seriously.

Anyways, I was surprised to find I actually COULD run this game on my laptop at 720p and with all things scaled down, just on the on-board video (intel family 4000) of my i5. But a game this beautiful I'd rather play on a good PC, PS4 or Xbone and take in the sights and sounds other than having to worry about sub-15 FPS

poppinslops1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Yeah, mine's an i5 as well - and to be fair, it is capable of running the Witcher properly, but the Steam version has a (suprisingly common) problem where I'm forced to run it at min-specs... Took me a week of farting around, scrolling through forums to find a 'solution' (Valve/Steam were of no help) and whilst I did eventually get the Witcher to work, the experience basically served as a reminder for why I prefer to game on Console.

1615d ago
urwifeminder1615d ago

Played the demo on pc looks great be a good freebie i dont think i would buy it though.

TheColbertinator1615d ago

Been curious on picking it up

PlayableGamez1615d ago

It's going to the PS4 and Xbox One. No doubt..

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