Dying Light: The Following | Gamescom 2015 Preview | Start Replay

Josh from SR writes, "For an expansion it offers a huge amount of content, including the ability to control a buggy, use a crossbow and explore an area bigger than the size of all Dying Light maps combined. Whilst my time with the DLC was short, I did manage to have a little drive around, as well as unleash my crossbow skills on unsuspecting enemies."

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Adexus1621d ago

Wish we got a release date already! Really looking forward to it.

esmittystud1011620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Waiting. Looks cool. Just glad a sequel to the game is in the works as well. Can we skip on Dead Island 2 and go straight to this.

WDBII1620d ago

I'm going to have to start playing this game again.. I'm glad that I bought it digitally because I sure would have traded it to gamestop.. this looks fun!