Streets of Rage Retrospective Review

A slowly building soundtrack plays over a dark cityscape. Text starts to crawl up the screen telling the story of a once peaceful city’s fall into despair as a criminal syndicate takes root. A thumping baseline kicks in as we’re told of three cops who are looking to free their city as they risk it all on the Streets of Rage. The introduction to this Mega Drive classic is so strong that it is firmly embedded into the minds of everyone who played it. Streets of Rage was published in 1991 by SEGA as their answer to Capcom’s arcade master piece Final Fight. In fact this home console beat-em’-up was such a strong title that some may go so far as to say it surpassed it.

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3-4-51619d ago

Streets of Rage 2 might be the best of these types of games. It's in the top 5.

I_am_Batman1619d ago

I liked SoF 3 more. It had everything that made SoF 2 great and improved on it by having faster combat, unlockable moves (stars), being more challenging, having multiple endings, alternative level paths, and unlockable characters.

MrsNesbitt1619d ago

Yeah, definitely. I don't know if I'd wanna see reboot of this, because that's all the 'rage' these days ohohohoooo ;)

Fridgecake1619d ago

I love this game and the rest of the series. Defo a reason to dig out old consoles!

Kyosuke_Sanada1619d ago

One of my favourite series of all time. Nothings pumps me up like the second stage od Streets of Rage II.

Orionsangel1619d ago

This game made the Double Dragon series look like your grandparents beat'em up game. Streets of Rage is badass! A lot of people don't realize this but it's the first time techno style dance music was ever used for a fighting scenario. Movie or game. The Mortal Kombat movie, Blade and Matrix would do it later, but SOR did it first! Yuzo Koshiro had that vision.

1619d ago
meganick1619d ago

The game is decent but the soundtrack is fantastic. I listen to it on YouTube often.

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