PlayStation President Says Virtual Reality Is The Future

Shuhei Yoshida, President of PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios, claims that, “In a few years, everyone will use [Virtual Reality] in some form or manner.”

A bold claim, but is it true?

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FallenAngel19841615d ago

Sony also claimed that 3D gaming was the future and look how that turned out.

Cindy-rella1615d ago

Virtual reality is 3d but in better form.

Jakface1615d ago

I think 3D may still well become prominent once everyone has a 3D TV, at the moment, those things are expensive!

In terms of VR, I'm terrified of it, I like games the way they are. And think of the motion sickness D: but I'd be surprised if it doesn't have a big role to play in the future

Sureshot1615d ago

“In a few years, everyone will use [Virtual Reality] in some form or manner.”

Seems like he's talking about AR since VR can only take one form

suckingeggs1615d ago

I think Microsoft hololens seems more interesting if Im honest

Virtual reality has been around for years.. Just like 3d gaming.. Neither has taken off.. People like the good old fashioned controller TV console can of beer and relax.

Sureshot1615d ago

Agreed. VR seems too...Solitary? I doubt many parents would won't their kids to have a screen strapped to their face, completely blind to the world. I like how hololens let's you interact with the real world and the virtual simultaneously.

Jakface1615d ago

My exact thoughts, think of the psychological effects of being cooked up in a virtual world for all that time... can't be good.

GameBoyColor1615d ago

AR has flopped too many times for me to trust it. Many devices tried it but it really has no place, eapecially in gaming.

sammarshall1021615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

I hope there is always traditional gaming around with the console, controllers and the TV that is all I need

SaveFerris1615d ago

I want to know the cost and what support it has before jumping in.

Jakface1615d ago

I guess that depends on when it comes out. At the moment the Oculus (or rather all the other computing power you need to use one) is super expensive.

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