Why Resident Evil 2 Deserves a Remake

Hardcore Gamer "We live in a world of remakes, remastered editions and reboots. It's annoying for sure, but every once in a while a remake of an old game is announced that actually excites fans. Resident Evil 2 is that game."

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cfc781620d ago

It not only deserves it but the franchise needs it.

Hoffmann1620d ago

Not a lot people will agree but I also think that RE Gun Survivor deserves a real remake.

Summons751620d ago

Leon S. Kennedy....only reason

meganick1620d ago

There are many ways to fuck up this remake, but if they design like they did with the original remake of part 1 on Gamecube, it could be fantastic. I'm hoping for the best.

Dragonking0071620d ago

I can see it be done like that but with better graphics from todays tech I think they can do more depth to it as well like pick how ever camera mode you would like to play it. But overall they can really retouch the dialogue.

Kyosuke_Sanada1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Or maybe a mixture of both. Resident Evil 3.5 showed a super improvement in terms of combat where Aim mode is viewed over-the-shoulder while exploration reverts back to fixed camera angles.

Also I would like more things to examine. Early survival horror games always allowed you examine almost everything, not only to reveal hidden ammo but brings the player up to speed on the situation surrounding them with tidbits revealing the lore behind where their traversing.

Agent_hitman1620d ago

I just hope Capcom would remake RE3 as well. I wanna see Jill wearing that tube style dress again on HD. And also see her on younger age with short hair just like old times.