Nintendo NX: Hardware Specs, Games, Third Party Support And Everything You Need To Know

Earlier this year, Nintendo confirmed and gave name to something that we had long known was coming anyway- their new console.

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lemoncake1794d ago

This contains nothing i need to know cause there nothing to know atm, all pure speculation and assumption at this point.

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donman11794d ago

The games already announced for the NX are factual and not speculation. What the console specs and capabilities will be are speculation at this point till E3 2016.

Sly-Lupin1794d ago

No games have been announced for the NX.

You're confusing the handful of developers who have stated that they might be able to port their games to the NX.

Sciurus_vulgaris1794d ago

It's gamingbolt, you shouldn't expect anything informative from them lol.

3-4-51794d ago

Brought up some interesting points by looking at what we do know so far and trying to connect some dots logically.

Obviously it's speculation but some of the points made do make a decent amount of sense.

If NX launches in 2016, it would make 2016 even that much more epic of a year for video games.

Whymii1794d ago

I don't normally bother reading such obvious click bait, but decided to give it a go after reading Mr Pumblechook's post. And you know what? He's right. Of all the articles on Nintendo's next console, this is the most reasoned. It's still all crystal ball stuff, but the author has tried to piece together the purported 'facts' and made reasonable assumptions given the scant information available.

bubblebobble1794d ago

what specs do you think it will contain and do you think it will be more powerful than the ps4 do you think it could do 4k or 1080p 60fps

Fusion791794d ago

I think he's right on everything except i think NX will be 4k....

Fusion791794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

No everything in this article is backed up with proof it's info based off iwata's words so most of it will be spot on i hope it comes out in july2016 i will trade my wiiu immediately....

I remember hearing the team making the new console wanted FUSION to be final name not just the codename now we have a new code name NX so I'm thinking Nintendo FUSION,basically there Home Console will be FUSION TERMINAL,there Handheld FUSION DS,and maybe they will bring a Tablet out as well called FUSION TAB i think this will happen....

MSBAUSTX1794d ago

It was speculation but for once it had some actual intellect behind the speculation. There are tidbits of info spread out across a lot of random quotes and articles. It was entertaining to read and had some smart ideas as to what to expect. I enjoyed reading it.

XanderZane1794d ago

Another click bait article. There are no hardware spec in this article. No confirmed games (except from SquareEnix) or anything else. It's all just guessing and opinions from the poster. Hopefully the NX is great and hopefully it's B/C so I can just skip the Wii U hardware. We'll see what happens.

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FallenAngel19841794d ago

I seriously don't get people's fascination with abandoning the Wii U userbase for a stopgap known as NX. I don't want Nintendo's future consoles to only consist of stopgaps

SegaGamer1794d ago

If the Wii U was selling better it probably wouldn't be a stopgap. Nintendo seem to be going big with NX, i don't think this one will be a stopgap.

FallenAngel19841794d ago

How big can a console that's launching prematurely get? It'd be competing against consoles that are at the height of their popularity which would only do harm. It'd be in a worse position than N64 and GCN that had to deal with the 1 year headstart that PS1 and PS2 respectively at the time. NX would be competing with consoles that grew over 4 years at the time it launches.

Not to mention that western publishers wouldn't be so aggressive in putting their content on there since they know their games wouldn't perform as well on a Nintendo console as it would on rival hardware. Also many of Nintendo's current business practices still haven't been worked out to pit it as a true competitive force in the console market.

All this will do is piss off the loyal Wii U owners who supported the console to this point and alienate future NX buyers because they'd feel Nintendo would abandon them again by the time the proper 9th gen begins.

Ashunderfire861794d ago

Price NX at $400 with better specs, and watch the competition lower down the price. I think Nintendo should aim to make all NX games 1080p and 60FPS. They would destroy the competition if the specs are good enough for 4K gaming! Man 4K Smash bros, 4K Zelda, 4K Metroid! Wishful thinking I know, but if they can do that it would be a game changer.

Call the system Nintendo 6 cause its the 6th Nintendo console other than the Handheld.

DrierofLeaves1794d ago

Actually it would be the seventh-
NES (1)
SNES (2)
N64 (3)
GCN (4)
Wii (5)
Wii U (6)
NX (7)

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1794d ago

even so it's going to be a 9th gen system.

link2Dpast1794d ago

Lol actually 8th. You Forgot Virtual boy

Whymii1794d ago


That's what Nintendo wants too.

deafdani1794d ago


Virtual Boy was part of Nintendo's handheld consoles, not home consoles. Although the Virtual Boy was hardly portable, but still... that's why it's not counted on the generations of home consoles, because it's not one of them.

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SouljAx3601794d ago

4k gaming no way, that would be way too expensive.

tubers1794d ago

Well, they could do it with Wii U graphics LOL.

Don't expect 4K + 8x MSAA + UC4/QB/RoTR graphics/shading on any Nintendo legacy IPs on NX.

Ashunderfire861794d ago

Well call it Nintendo 7 damn 3 disagrees lol! At least agree with me on the better specs part lol!

DrierofLeaves1794d ago

There's no issue with wanting 'better specs,' the issue is that the specs you have outlined are unreasonable at the very best, especially at the price you suggested.

BrandanT1794d ago

4k anything is incredibly expensive for the average consumer and I don't see the price on that falling soon.

madjedi1794d ago

Nintendo is not going to be able to pull the sony and ms from their respective consoles.

It is not simply a matter of better specs, If Nintendo can't match ms or sony in terms of online, their is no hope of getting that online crowd that likes online gaming.

It is still a year or two till the nx is launched, of course the price is going to drop on the competing consoles they are older.

As products age they typically depreciate in value, or the company lowers the price to attract a larger group of consumers.

You Nintendo fanboys greatly overestimate the appeal of a Nintendo system, at the very least the likely hood of current ms and sony gamers dropping either of their systems for a Nintendo console.

Whole mountains would have to be moved, for Nintendo to gain the appeal that ms or sony have for average gamers that don't visit n4g ect.

Your not getting disagrees for wanting better specs.

ShaunCameron1794d ago

But are you willing to pay more for those better specs?
Because there is no way you're gonna get all that for $400.

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ABizzel11794d ago


That would be the most foolish decision Nintendo has ever made. First off Nintendo can't sell a $300 console, how are they going to sell a $400 console, with their current reputation, lack of western 3rd party games / appeal, and complete lack of social and online features both Sony and MS have. A $400 console will simply make the PS4 and XBO drop to $329 / $279 and sweep the NX away.

4k gaming is far too expensive, and unless they're sticking to Wii style graphics then it's not going to be possible, unless Nintendo builds a gaming PC desktop sized console and pack it with no less than a R9 380 ($200 on GPU alone).

Nintendo is better off making a console that's good enough, and selling at a much better price than the competition. A 1 - 1.5 TFLOP console at $249 is the way to go if they want to sell a good amount of consoles.

The XBO is only 1.31 TFLOPS, and it's doing just fine, and now there are several options to choose from for the 1 - 1.5 TFLOP performance range from AMD alone which means Nintendo should be able to get some really great deals there on hardware. There's no need for Nintendo to aim for being the most powerful console and launching at $400 when this generation will be about half way over for the PS4 / XBO 2016 - 2017.

R7 250x
R7 260
R7 360
R7 M275
R7 M375
R7 M370
Under-clocked R7 M280 (aka XBO)

Ashunderfire861794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

For one there are 4K monitors less than a $1000 bucks right now for example. And most 4K items will eventually go down in price by 2016-2017. We are already hearing about 5K and up to 8K. Face it the only way Nintendo is going to get third party support is to have comparable specs. $300 dollars just won't cut it. They can't just lower down the price it would be like the Wii U. They have to be around $400 or $500 Fall 2016 or 2017. 4K would be the icing on the cake for Nintendo and a total game changer. People will buy it! Like I said before I was wishful thinking you don't need to give me an explaination of why $400 price point don't make sense for Nintendo.

Heck you have 4K TVs for under $2000 dollars like $1200 dollars take note of that.

AndrewLB1794d ago

If you shop around, you can find a 50" 4k TV for as low as $500. Or for $800 i've seen a pretty nice 55" Samsung Smart 4k TV. In another year those prices will be quite a bit lower as well. Anyone saying those prices are high is crazy considering many of us (myself included) bought our 1080p HDTV's when they cost well over a grand. I think my 46" Samsung Smart TV cost $1600 at the time and I got a great deal on it.

As for graphics power, a year from now will see a huge increase in performance because both AMD and nVidia will be producing chips using 16nm FinFET silicon (they're currently using 28nm) which is two process shrinks smaller, which will allow for far more powerful, much more energy efficient, and many more chips per wafer. This should allow for production of chips the same performance of what's in the PS4 for about 1/4 the price. Right now you can buy a video card for PC that's as powerful as a PS4 for only $99. A year from now i'd expect for the same amount of money you'll be able to get a 4.0 tflop card for similar cash.
Even so, I don't see Nintendo going full 4k gaming this time, but I wouldn't be surprised if they introduce a console that plays UltraHD Blu-Ray 4k discs which should be hitting stores around christmas. I knew lots of people who bought the PS3 at it's $600 price tag specifically because it had a great blu-ray player since stand-alone home theater blu-ray players cost upwards of $1k at the time.

My prediction is Nintendo will release a console that will be a fair amount more powerful than PS4 because the last thing they want is PS5 and Xbone 2x to be released down the road with far more power than NX where once again they are put in the same situation that games can't be ported due to lack of power.

ABizzel11793d ago

@the fools below me

It's not the price of the TV or monitor that's the problem (neither of which I said anything about), it's the price of the Graphics hardware inside the console that's the problem.

To get current gen games running in 4k you have to have an R9 290 at bare minimum if you want 4k @ 30fps in most games (and remember these are still EARLY game). For the benefit of your argument we'll say it's a $250 (really $300, $270 after rebates). To make sure the system isn't bottlenecked you need at least one of AMD's FX 8300 CPUs. For your arguments sake we'll say FX 8320 ($140). That's $390 already, for a console you want to magically be $400. And once again the TDP would fry the hardware in that small box (375w TDP on CPU and GPU alone, PS4 is 160w for the entire console).

At best Nintendo can get away with an R9 380 4GB which is weaker than the 290, but with the type of games Nintendo makes it should be able to hit 4k gaming, meanwhile 3rd parties won't. The problem still is that it's a $225 GPU making it a $365 combo with a TDP of 315w, still too much.

The NX is in production now, and we won't be seeing a big chip change until Pascal / Volta from NVIDIA (likely the Volta), and it's going to make GPUs expensive again, until the next iteration. Only a fool would expect the R9 290 to be $99 holiday 2016, and with all the cost of new tech NVIDIA is putting into their Pascal GPUs it's not going to be a cheap successor at all, until Volta launches.

It would be stupid to released a console that's 2x more powerful than the PS4. That's 4 TFLOPS max, and the PS5 / XB4 should easily be dropping 8 TFLOP consoles in 2020 (that's excluding huge performance gains from Pascal and Volta, so they'll likely be much more powerful). Nintendo is better off making a console that's on par with XBO, selling it for $250, build their fanbase, build their network, and 3rd party offerings up, and making games fans have been asking for.

Thanks to this they're on a different launch cycle than MS and Sony, and that's the best thing they can wish for. Yes the PS5 and XB4 will launch and destroy NX / PS4 / XBO in specs, but they would still destroy the NX even if it was 2x as powerful as the PS4. Investing in max performance right now is a waste and a sure way for the NX to be Nintendo's last home console.

Nintendo needs to focus on building up their console base right now, not putting out max hardware with nothing to show for it.

Professor_K1794d ago

4k seems unnecessary

1080p and 60 fps is good enough for me

Obz1794d ago

Nah, once you go 4k, you don't want to go back.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

people complains about Nintendo not giving Wii U enough love and support.

then go speculating about NX future games and other stuff.

Which do you want?
Wii U games or NX information.

deadpoolio3161794d ago

Well considering the NX is likely coming in NOV 2016 after the E3 reveal where they announce the 2016 release date, what is the actual point of continuing to support the Wii U? Nintendo clearly doesn't even want to support their own platform

wonderfulmonkeyman1794d ago

That's BS.
Past console releases from them have set two precedents:

1: A 5 year cycle.
2: Nintendo's habit of releasing a system the year FOLLOWING its official on-stage unveiling.

What's "likely" is a HOLIDAY 2017 release date.

Sylth011794d ago

Your post is full of opinions presented as facts.

They said they will reveal more about the console at E3 2016. While this will most likely come with a release date, there is no way to know if it is in 2016 or, more specifically, in Nov 2016.

Nor have they ever said they do not want to support their own platform. They have, in fact, stated they will continue to support the Wii U after the release of the NX.

Believe these statements or not, but I feel actual announcements should hold weight than baseless allegations.

SquidBuck1794d ago

And this is under PS4 why?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1794d ago

to bring in those people who want NX to be a console entirely the same as PS4 but stronger

deadpoolio3161794d ago

That ain't even gonna happen, anyone that thinks it will is delusional....Nintendo doesn't go for amazing hardware they go for OK hardware to keep the price down for the FAMILIES they are aiming their console at....

They aren't mentally retarded like a lot of the Nintendo cult members, they know parents are not going to drop $500 bucks for a super fragile super powered machine for their kids...And no matter how much cult members wish it they aren't going to go after the X1/PS4 "hardcore" crowd

1794d ago
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1794d ago

Nah I'm good.
I just wanted to post.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

hmm I wonder why I see comments about making it on par with PS4 here

I guess I was right

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smashman981794d ago

Its mentioned in the article a few times