How Assassin's Creed Syndicate Brings Freedom and Chaos to the Streets of London

Game director Scott Phillips talks player choice, environmental kills, vehicles and more.

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lemoncake1622d ago

I want to be interested in this game, but I am not.

Kalebninja1622d ago

yeah i pretty much forgot about it. It's just over at this point.

starchild1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

That's fine if you guys sincerely feel that way, but just realize there are millions of us that don't. It's just curious to me that people go out of their way to comment on games they don't like.

Anyway, I would prefer if they spaced them out a little more (like maybe every two years), but as long as I continue enjoying these games I'll keep playing them. I love games with historical settings and I love games that give you lots of freedom in how you go about playing them. I'm also a huge fan of stealth action games. Tenchu and Splinter Cell are two of my favorite franchises, but sadly we don't get many good stealth action games these days, so although Assassin's Creed isn't a pure stealth action series it still scratches enough of that itch to be one of the more appealing options out there for me.

lemoncake1622d ago

I comment because I used to really like assassins creed and I have played every one of them since they very first started. But like I said I find it hard to get excited or even interested at all for this new one, I had same feeling for unity they just seem to have gotten very bland both story and gameplay recently.

LOGICWINS1622d ago

I'm on the fence. Black Flag IMO was a classic. The fact that it deviated from the AC formula is what made it great. This game looks like its doing the same thing.

I'm very optimistic. If it turns out to be good, I'll pick it up on Black Friday.

brich2331622d ago

Stealth cloaking? Ubisoft need to go find a bridge and jump!!!

bixxel1621d ago

No, they need to find a view point and jump.

smolinsk1622d ago

That invisibility stuff is just silly..

bixxel1621d ago

Granted: Ubisoft beat MGS series in terms of "ridiculous".

JamesBroski1622d ago

Make it as optimized as Rogue and then maybe I'll look forward to it

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