NCSOFT's New MMORPG, Blade & Soul's HD Screenshots

NCSOFT revealed their new MMORPG, <Blade & Soul>'s HD screenshots.

You can see it on


‘Blade&Soul’ is an Oriental Martial Arts MMORPG that breaks the traditional confined and monotonous game plays, providing the gamers a completely new experience. It is expected to open a new dimension of MMORPG through ‘game environment alteration,’ ‘expansion of tasks that a character can carry out within the game.’

The Oriental world portrayed by its unique graphics, diverse stories embedded in Oriental fantasy tales, and maximized action that has never been witnessed in online games until now will lead gamers to a completely new experience.

Product Information
Publisher: NCsoft
Developer: NCsoft
Genre: Oriental Martial Arts MMORPG
Website: -
Release date: N/A

Main Characteristics

• Oriental Martial Arts Action: It is full of symbolic and well known Oriental martial art elements such as ‘Energy Ball’, ‘Inner Energy’, ‘Swift jump,’ etc. The important themes of Oriental martial art fantasies such as justice and chivalry are richly spread throughout the game by means of martial art.

• Oriental-features: Breaking away from the traditional medieval fantasy world, it takes an Oriental mysticism as the background environment. The basic world-view is based on the Korean myth ‘Song of Genesis,’ and the factions within the game are also modeled after Korean mythological characters

• Constantly Changing Environment: Within ‘Blade&Soul,’ many conditions change according to the play of the gamer, on the other hand, the environment creates diverse situations for the gamers. This system will provide the gamers with a new experience that has not been witnessed until now.

• Powerful Action: The main motto of battles within ‘Blade&Soul’ is ‘super powerful action’ that can distinguish itself from existing games. Players can knock back opponents and use diverse fancy skills according to the condition the gamers are posed in. The game aspires to provide battles that are enjoyable even by just watching them. Everyone can enjoy the battles of ‘Blade&Soul’ through simple comtrol.

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sushipoop4742d ago

BEAUTIFUL! PLEASE let this be their PS3 game lol.

Playstation Man4742d ago

And Sony's need for a good RPG with imagery their home territory can relate to, it's very possible this IS the PS3 game. Sure hope so.

gaffyh4742d ago

This game looks really good, very possibly the PS3 game, the other one (Steel Dog) looks crap.

Bnet3434742d ago

This looks very awesome, but I don't like paying monthly fees for MMO's at $15.

mikeslemonade4741d ago

Unless this unreal engine 3 this game will not look good on the 360. 360 hasn't proven it can handle big enviroments without pop up and frame rate issues. It has no blu-ray, no hdd required installs, and no dedicated servers.

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neomusket4742d ago

These titles will be tested in Korea and Korea is not Console Empire.

TheColbertinator4742d ago

But Sony paid for these last year to come to the PS3

B-Rein4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

well softmax is a korean company and they made a ps2 game and also the same art designer (Hyung-Tae) Kim as Magna Carta: Tears of Blood is designin for this game
also it dusn't say anywhere on the site what platform its on.... well maybe its Pc but cud be ps3, sony did pay for an MMORPG to NCsoft, maybe NCsoft is planning anotehr title for ps3 well knows time will tell

clintos594742d ago

I really do hope that it makes its way to the ps3. I can totally see myself enjoying tons of hours on this game.

moses4742d ago

Hate me for saying it, but I feel compelled.

This game looks awfully queer, haha.

Laexerias4742d ago

Split a Lake in two and then say this again.

mistertwoturbo4742d ago

It all seems to be by perspective.

I for one, noticed the extremely hot half naked anime chicks with white underwear and 46 DD's.

games4fun4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

i do hate you lol

anyway i thought it looks awfully like... Vagrant Story and Kingdom Hearts art syle is definately there

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The story is too old to be commented.