Why Gjallarhorn Is Overpowered, And The Tricks To Balancing Destiny's Weapons

Weapon balancing is a delicate operation. While some players might hate the fact that another player's weapon outclasses their own, that other player might be happy to exploit an overpowered weapon. Some fans cry foul whenever a company rebalances its game after release, but balancing is an important element for a thriving game community, but did you know that you can overpower a weapon just by fine-tuning the audio?

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InTheZoneAC1622d ago

quit crying about what others use and use your own favorite weapon

hikarisdemon1622d ago

small problem with my favorite guns is that they are not nearly as powerful as my jellyhorn (which i farmed for alot) so i'm kinda using it cuz its easy to take down bosses why would i make it take ten minutes if it can take 5 and i can do more stuff that way

InTheZoneAC1621d ago

no hand cannon, sniper, fusion rifle, shotgun, auto rifle, scout rifle, or pulse rifle should ever be as strong as a rocket I'm not understanding your argument...