Guerrilla started work on Horizon before Killzone Shadow Fall

Back in the heady days of 2013, PS4 was but a next-gen nipper with stars in its eyes. When the plucky black box from Sony made its debut in November of that year, it came with a slew of launch titles – including the fourth full-fat instalment from Guerrilla's Killzone series – Shadow Fall. It certainly looked the business (and offered plenty of free DLC), but it wasn't quite the non-linear experience we'd all been sold on.

Fast-forward almost two years and the Dutch studio is hard at work on its next project, Horizon: Zero Dawn – a game it turns out the developer started work on before its last Helghast bashing bonanza

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Sora_19941785d ago

Yeaaaaa this is definitely coming in 2016 i have confidence this will be a big new ip

Majin-vegeta1785d ago

Man honestly can't wait for this game.Evvery thing theyve shown and said seems like GG is.about to show people how to do open world.

Imalwaysright1785d ago

If you're thinking that people are suddendly going to forget about SoTC, Vice City, RDR, Morrowind, TW 2&3 or the upcoming MGS PP and Fallout 4 because of Horizon you're sorely mistaken.

OT I don't care when this game is released as long as GG makes sure that they execute their vision to the best of their capabilities.

jb2271785d ago

At this point its anyone's guess as to how great Horizon could be. Could be horrible and not hold a candle to any of those you mentioned or it could blow them all out of the water. I believe the only one sorely mistaken is the one passing judgment on a game that is still a year from release (meanwhile also making lofty claims at classic status for MGS PP when that game hasn't been played by the general public either). The first footage is a good sign of the game being quality but where it goes from there is anyone's guess. Sometimes devs take big leaps in quality, look at the jump from GTA2 to GTA3, or the jump from Jak & Daxter to the Uncharted series. At this point its Schrodinger's Cat, and it will remain so until it has been dropped to the public.

Imalwaysright1785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )

@ jb227

No, the one sorely mistaken is the one disrespeting what the developers that made those games have achieved. Horizon will be just one of many open world games and GG isn't showing anyone how an open world game is made.

As for me mentioning MGS PP, it's made by someone that has a curriculum that GG can only dream off. That's why I mentioned it but I ABSOLUTELY love your hypocrisy.

Calling me out for mentioning MGS PP. "claims at classic status for MGS PP when that game hasn't been played by the general public" you say but not a peep from you when the person above, basically said that Horizon would destroy every open world ever made in terms of quality. Could you be more transparent?

DLConspiracy1785d ago

I'm pretty sure this will be a franchise. Just a guess, but it looks like a good caliber of game. Definitely good to hear it might be coming out sooner than later.

ABBAJESUS1785d ago

Next year will be great for PS4 players.

ClayRules20121785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )

Much love & respect to Guerrilla Games for believing in their unique & beautiful vision that's Horizon Zero Dawn.

For starters, Aloy looks really beautiful & unique. Nice touch with the freckles, along with just her overall look. Not many devs would chance doing a game with a female as the lead character, but props to Guerrilla for believing in Aloy!

Also, for Guerrilla to achieve such stunningly beautiful graphics, in an open world game is remarkable "in my opinion" The environment they showed off in the demo looked so amazing.

I'm curious to see what other weapons Aloy will be able to use in combat. The combat so far looks to require strategy, which I love.

2016, hurry up. Uncharted 4 A Thief's End & Horizon Zero Dawn are "in my opinion" games worth getting a PS4 for.

Greatness awaits.

jdubrady1785d ago

I dont have a ps4, but THIS is one of the games that will make me eventually get one. I like the idea of a new IP. Halo 5, Uncharted 4, Metal Gear solid 5...will all be great...but its refreshing to see something new like this.

ClayRules20121785d ago

I'm glad to hear that, buddy. It's really refreshing when developers go outside of their comfort zones & do something new/different.

I hope whenever you get a PS4 you have an awesome time with not only Horizon, but with whatever other PS4 games catch your eye.

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